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Police driver guilty of causing crash at lights

A POLICE officer was yesterday found guilty of driving without due care and attention after he crashed a police van into another car when driving through red traffic lights at Les Banques while responding to an emergency.

Bornement authority lies in tatters

A LITTLE bit of Guernsey died on Wednesday night when St Sampson’s douzaine finally revealed its reasons for capitulating over the data park traffic lights.

'We could have lost our homes over data park'

Junior Constable Paul Le Pelley reads a statement about the Long Port development last night. (Picture by Tom Tardif, 1194549)

ST SAMPSON’S douzeniers could have faced massive financial bills and even have lost their homes if the parish had not changed its mind and granted a bornement for the entrance to the Guernsey Data Park.

Sunday meat ban imposed

BRIDGE butcher Charlie Le Poidevin reckons he has lost £3,000 in takings because of delays in granting him a Sunday trading licence - and is calling for the law to be reviewed.