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No change is a missed opportunity

ONE of Guernsey’s less-well-known deputies certainly put his head above the parapet earlier this month when he suggested that the job of a deputy was to outwit senior civil servants and thereby obtain better value for money for taxpayers.

Managing conflicts is not new

IN ITS second piece on the CISX affair, satirical magazine Private Eye speculates that the reason for the resignation of the chief minister is because there is more and worse to come from the investigation into the matter by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission.

Commons council risks much

AS THE dispute between the clubs and the Vale Commons Council wears on over what is a reasonable annual rent to be able to maintain a golf course on 50% of the area there, it is clear the council is playing a dangerous game. It has no clear title to the land under discussion, has produced no justification for the sums it seeks to raise and has, probably foolishly, declared its intention to introduce paid parking in unspecified areas for unspecified users.

Hands free on the great strategy

WHEN a tanned and relaxed Environment minister saunters back into the world of work some time next month, he will have a scant week to get up to speed on the reaction to his long-awaited road transport strategy. And if the mood music from Frossard House and elsewhere is any guide, it will not be favourable.

Crowder got it right on stating roles

ONE of the questions raised by the independent report into States members’ pay was whether they provided value for money for the £1. 9m. that they cost the island every year.

Voluntary severance decoded

SINCE the Policy Council announced the outcome of its voluntary severance programme, there has been some reasonably widespread concerns about how it all stacks up.

HSSD vote win was no victory

AS MEMBERS of Health and Social Services were defending themselves against the vote of no confidence last week, they wrung their hands in woe and accused their arch critic of unfair scrutiny and a continued vendetta against them. But if Deputy Mike Hadley is to be attacked, it is for pursuing the wrong target.