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Next election can restore States unity

A NIGHTMARE vision of Gavin St Pier and Peter Ferbrache playing rock, paper, scissors for the most important job in island politics slowly came into focus yesterday.

Politics Live - St Pier elected president after dramatic vote


Deputy Gavin St Pier was elected as the new Policy and Resources president after two votes had ended in a 20-all tie with Deputy Peter Ferbrache. One spoilt paper decided the result. Read below how events unfolded in news editor Nick Mann’s live coverage.

Let’s set the wash to all-white

We’re not expecting stubborn stain removal from States Plus – just a better life.

Our new States members have no baggage, the second-time-arounders’ baggage has been forgotten and the returning deputies have been absolved. The all-new States of Guernsey, States Plus, may not wash our shirts whiter or eliminate stubborn grass stains but it can fill us with hope that it will indeed be better than States Minus, says Horace Camp. Just a few pointers...

Public dissatisfaction starts to rear its head...

Primary school closures, paid parking and first registration duty were some of the first issues to galvanise islanders into protests against this Assembly.

In the second part of a series looking at the key votes taken by this States, Nick Mann looks at a period where public campaigning came to the fore. He also considers some previous votes on the hot topics of education – in this case the closure of two primary schools – and the transport strategy, when the Assembly approved proposals for paid parking...

Do islanders have the government they deserve?

ABOUT 200 years ago Joseph de Maistre, a French lawyer, philosopher and writer of some fame, said ‘Every nation has the government it deserves’. That thought seems rather pertinent to present times.

‘Only logical and sensible approach is close La Mare’


A DECISION over the future size and structure of secondary education in Guernsey hangs in the balance today, after Treasury minister Gavin St Pier said the only ‘logical, obvious and sensible’ approach was to close La Mare de Carteret High.

£7,000 each to recruit nurses from Philippines


FEWER nurses are set to be recruited from the Philippines than originally anticipated and the number could drop further, Health and Social Services minister Paul Luxon told the States yesterday.