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Just three questions do the job

FOR those who believe that the simplest way to clear up the dog’s breakfast that is the island’s Sunday trading law is to stop regulating it, Commerce and Employment’s consultation could not be easier.

Mass exodus is on the cards

A FEW months ago, I sat through a presentation by Gavin St Pier on our economy at Moore’s Hotel, as did others, and in the presence of the chief minister.

We’re being forced out

A GENTLEMAN of 28 wrote in Open Lines today (1 November) and he said virtually all that Guernsey people think and feel about the way the States of Guernsey treats us – and regarding us purely as meal-tickets is part of it.

Airport legal battle cost £500k

The Guernsey Airport terminal building under construction in 2003. The project ended up going nearly £7m. over budget, leading to a long battle by the States to try to get compensation. (Picture by Brian Green, 6307152)

AN UNSUCCESSFUL legal battle attempting to claw back money from the airport terminal overspend has cost the States nearly £500,000.

Health minister election live

States bulding generic

Live coverage of the election of the new minister for the Health and Social Services Department, a contest between Deputies Elis Bebb, Paul Luxon and Arrun Wilkie.

Treasury defends speed of bond process

frossard house_900

FAVOURABLE market conditions are behind Treasury’s speedy plans to launch a sovereign bond and its ‘short’ tendering process for expert help, the department has said.

Don’t bet on a speedy States helping out

MUCH of the talk at this year’s Institute of Directors debate was about how the island needed to regain the fleetness of foot that had brought it such success in the past.

System will resist change

FRUSTRATION at the pace of change was all too evident last night as 800 guests of the Institute of Directors called for a slimmer, faster States capable of adapting to the modern world.

Think of long-term effect on families

I HAVE read with interest the Budget proposals released on Wednesday and would urge all deputies to think long and hard and consider the impact of these proposals on the families of the island before approving them without challenge.

Resignations shift focus from tragedy

THE folly of the HSSD board’s sudden resignation was laid bare at the weekend as the focus inevitably shifted all too rapidly away from the crisis within the department and on to a grubby game of political musical chairs.

When will States start listening to us voters?

SURELY it is time for the people in government to look around at this island and realise that we are a small (or were) community very happily living on a rock in the English Channel and they have been, and are continuing to destroy what was a simple way of life.

Flawed code guarantees frustration

A DECISION by ministers to turn down an information request by this newspaper for more details of FTP projects has highlighted another flaw in a code that was meant to drive a culture of openness.

Why I resigned...

I UNDERSTAND and appreciate that a decision to resign will always split public opinion. Doing things out of principle and policy differences will not satisfy everyone.