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Ferry could save Alderney

IN HIS article (‘Alderney problem needs a radical solution’), Peter Roffey performs a service not only to the people of Alderney but also to Guernsey by highlighting important issues.

Pensions wait has island on hold

WHAT is shaping up to be one of the longest-running negotiations ever between the States and its employees looks set to remain unresolved into yet another new year.

Where will pensions row end?

AS NEGOTIATIONS on the States pension between unions and the Policy Council entered a new low yesterday, hopes of gaining an agreed settlement before the end of the year seem further away than ever.

La Mare ‘let down by delays’


EVERY student, parent and teacher at La Mare de Carteret has been ‘let down’ by the decision to independently review its £60m. rebuild and the inevitable delay it will cause, minister Robert Sillars warned yesterday.

La Mare rebuild vote will be close

sillars states_900

THE fate of the £60m. La Mare de Carteret rebuild hangs in the balance today with deputies still to decide whether to back Education’s proposals.

Permits are no panacea for business

TWICE in recent days, senior business leaders have used the keynote speech at their annual gala dinner to call for a more flexible population system.

Just three questions do the job

FOR those who believe that the simplest way to clear up the dog’s breakfast that is the island’s Sunday trading law is to stop regulating it, Commerce and Employment’s consultation could not be easier.

Mass exodus is on the cards

A FEW months ago, I sat through a presentation by Gavin St Pier on our economy at Moore’s Hotel, as did others, and in the presence of the chief minister.

We’re being forced out

A GENTLEMAN of 28 wrote in Open Lines today (1 November) and he said virtually all that Guernsey people think and feel about the way the States of Guernsey treats us – and regarding us purely as meal-tickets is part of it.

Airport legal battle cost £500k

The Guernsey Airport terminal building under construction in 2003. The project ended up going nearly £7m. over budget, leading to a long battle by the States to try to get compensation. (Picture by Brian Green, 6307152)

AN UNSUCCESSFUL legal battle attempting to claw back money from the airport terminal overspend has cost the States nearly £500,000.