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Leaner States to be proposed

A SUBSTANTIAL reduction in the number of deputies and States departments will be proposed in a policy letter to go before the States in July, the vice-chairman of the States Review Committee has said.

Making sense of political decisions

AS A keen follower of local politics I often think of the actions of our deputies and civil servants in terms of mathematical formulae or scientific theories. For me, this helps to put them into perspective. For instance our Treasury Minister is trying to tell us that: ‘Taxes and charges = savings.’ Hmm, not sure about that one.

Further delay to La Mare ‘will end up costing more’

Do we have enough pupils to warrant four state senior schools? The debate over La Mare de Carteret School’s redevelopment continues. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 8200531)

INFLICTING more delay on redeveloping the ‘sub-standard’ La Mare schools will only cost the States in the long run, it was warned by one of the deputies who voted through the existing and now-under-attack secondary school policy.

GST is not dead - it’s just resting

AS A statement of the bleedin’ obvious, news that GST cannot be ruled out for this States, let alone future parliaments, should win some sort of prize.

Immigration plan is short-sighted

A NUMBER of States members are in favour of actively promoting immigration into the island as a means of improving our ‘finely balanced’ economy and thereby replenishing the island’s coffers.

Population fall triggers urgent States action

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OVER 650 more people left Guernsey in the last two years than arrived, latest population figures have revealed, as investigations are launched by the States into measures that could address the slump.