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Do the States want my online feedback or not?

WHY does the States of Guernsey website feedback system make it so difficult to send feedback? I have used validation boxes on numerous websites but never one where it is simply impossible to read the text presented and even if you think you can read it the system doesn’t accept it. I have tried at least 20 times and only succeeded once. It is as if the States of Guernsey want to say they welcome feedback but in reality make it so difficult for their users to give it that it is practically impossible.

Information overload is dangerous

A THOUSAND pages of States reports thumped onto the desks of deputies this week. Like a lazy student rushing to beat deadline, the States is undergoing its traditional end-of-term blitz as departments and ministers demand something to show for four years’ work.

Pre-school funded, but not free for everyone


A ‘LIFETIME of benefit’ will be delivered through pre-school funding, Education board members have said, as deputies voted to move Guernsey further in line with other rival jurisdictions.

Land plan will span two different boards


PROPOSALS for a new land plan, which will affect all future developments, will be finalised by the existing Environment Department board, but its successor will have to present the report to the new States.

States says no to scrutiny straitjacket

Laurie Queripel

‘PUTTING themselves in a straitjacket’ would be the effect of the States banning members of the Scrutiny Management Committee from serving on any other committee under major States reforms.

‘You must vote if you want a say’


‘YOU cannot complain’ about the States if you do not exercise your ‘democratic duty’ to vote, St Peter Port North residents have declared, as households were encouraged to take part in the upcoming by-election.

A matter of understanding


With so many big issues before the States, and a few of them controversial, Neil Ross’s Emile has plenty to tell his cousin Eugene. From education to Condor, the Leopardess to our relationships with other places – it’s all about money and ‘understandings’

Why make things easy?

The controversial road layout at the Quay has taken up a disproportionate amount of States departments’ time, and it was not an issue that Peter Roffey feels should have ended up involving the top brass. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 10284836)

Peter Roffey has plenty of sympathy for the States’ workload – until they choose to take the most difficult route. Here he examines three instances where their choice of path caused unnecessary problems