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GST is not dead - it’s just resting

AS A statement of the bleedin’ obvious, news that GST cannot be ruled out for this States, let alone future parliaments, should win some sort of prize.

Immigration plan is short-sighted

A NUMBER of States members are in favour of actively promoting immigration into the island as a means of improving our ‘finely balanced’ economy and thereby replenishing the island’s coffers.

Population fall triggers urgent States action

Guernsey aerial_900

OVER 650 more people left Guernsey in the last two years than arrived, latest population figures have revealed, as investigations are launched by the States into measures that could address the slump.

Exposing the ‘devil in the detail’ of benefits review

cost of housing

As the States prepares to tackle the Personal Tax, Pensions and Benefits Review, evidence has begun to emerge that it is not a balanced package and will leave a lot of families worse off, with nothing as yet in sight to counter its financial impact. Nick Mann argues that the plans do not seem fair as they stand and wonders whether the Assembly will be convinced to take a leap in the dark