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The controversial road layout at the Quay has taken up a disproportionate amount of States departments’ time, and it was not an issue that Peter Roffey feels should have ended up involving the top brass. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 10284836)

Why make things easy?

Peter Roffey has plenty of sympathy for the States’ workload – until they choose to take the most difficult route. Here he examines three instances where their choice of path caused unnecessary problems

Public debate needs careful handling

AS YESTERDAY’S published letter from a former right-hand man to several Lt-Governors shows, there is nothing new in tension between UK ministers and their island counterparts.

States, cut costs first

THE report released by the CGI, the Chamber of Commerce and Giba points to the problems with respect to introducing GST and notes that ‘there has been an increase in States pay between 2006 and now of £40m. – which would wipe out the deficit’.

If it isn’t broke...

I’VE BEEN following very closely the various articles and correspondence in the Guernsey Press relating to the changes and proposals our politicians are putting forward concerning the constitution of the States of Deliberation and taxation.

Co-op CEO warns of ‘shock’ from GST

Colin Macleod (Picture by Jon Guegan, 1374369)

GUERNSEY faces a ‘significant shock’ if it follows Jersey in introducing a goods and services tax, warned one of the Channel Island’s biggest retailers.

Why this is about more than GST

FOLLOWING our page one story yesterday, the Policy Council has now confirmed that introducing a goods and services tax is actively under consideration, that 5% is what its review team has been modelling and that tax breaks would be needed to protect the vulnerable. In other words, our exclusive was on the money and thanks to that islanders now have a much better appreciation of official thinking on the future direction of personal tax, pensions and benefits.

'Get your house in order' on tax letter from PM

PRIME Minister David Cameron has written a letter to Britain's overseas territories, including Guernsey, stressing the need for them to 'get our own houses in order' as he pushes for international action to tackle avoidance schemes.

Getting personal on tax

A major overhaul of how the States taxes islanders and spends the money, driven by the long-term impact of an aging population, is the subject of a consultation launched this week.