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School changes will be driven by teachers

I WOULD like to the thank the Guernsey Press for its supportive editorial comment on Wednesday 5 February and acknowledge that the Education Department can always do better with the way it communicates exciting initiatives such as the Guernsey federation of secondary schools to its staff, students and the wider community. On behalf of the Education board, I welcome this opportunity to provide some greater clarity on the proposals and address some of the misconceptions currently circulating.

Teachers still in pay talks - a year on

STATES negotiating is again under the spotlight after it was revealed that teachers and the Policy Council are still at odds over last September's pay - a year after talks began.

Teachers are short-changed

DOZENS of supply teachers have been thrust into financial hardship following problems with a new computer payment system, it has been claimed.

Teachers in Jersey to show support

GUERNSEY teachers showed their support for their Jersey counterparts at a march in St Helier on Saturday to protest against a public sector pay freeze.