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An own goal on our doorstep

IT was hardly the finest hour – or hours – for our tourism industry. Cruise ship passengers, long hailed as one of the island’s most valuable visiting assets, were forced to wait in long, hot queues for up to an hour on Saturday for a bus-trip tour of the island. They had been looking forward to seeing what Guernsey has told them it has to offer. Yet those we spoke to complained that, while it had ‘a wonderful atmosphere’, there was little to do in Town.

Hotel use change ‘should be difficult’


TOURISM growth targets are enough for the Island Development Plan to contain policies that make it difficult for hotels to be converted to other uses, according to independent planning inspectors.

Tourism scheme could give island’s economy a boost

FIGURES released by Tourism this week show that we are 12,000 down on last year’s visitor numbers. So here’s an idea. Geoff and Lynne from Reigate have been seduced by the ‘Free flights to Guernsey’ flyer they were handed as they returned aboard the Caribbean Queen on their recent stop over in St Peter Port.

Small businesses fear impact of pension plans

Simon Vermeulen

FORCING all businesses to pay into their employees’ private pensions of their employees could cripple some sectors and make Guernsey a less attractive place to work, businesses leaders have warned.

Hands off our money, says tourism

Jan Kuttelwascher

TAKING £500,000 from tourism’s budget to fund a new reciprocal health agreement with the UK would be a ‘travesty’ and reverse all the hard work put in to create growth, industry professionals have warned.

Guernsey is ‘perfect for making films’


GUERNSEY is to star in an international short film because those behind the project felt the island deserved a more prominent place on the ‘touristic, entrepreneurial and artistic world map’.

Hotels that are left to rot help no one

‘HOPELESSLY aspirational’ is how some have branded Tourism’s vision for the island’s visitor economy, and its ultimate impact on the hotel industry. And while those slamming the department’s bid to tighten restrictions to protect bed stock will have their own agendas, it’s hard to make a case that derelict hotels help anyone.