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Tourism plan puts cart before horse

I AM appalled by so much nonsense written in the Press and, particularly, by Commerce and Employment with their ‘10-year plan for tourism’. As a travel agent, the article has prompted me to comment on their proposals. With respect to Messrs Hopkins and Wheadon, the jargon and hype apart, I suggest their plan is not only unrealistic but puts the cart before the horse for several reasons – a travel agent’s point of view.

Tourism plan seeks 30% rise in visitors

Photo By Steve Sarre 19-11-14Visit Guernsey numbers on visiters Mike Hopkins

INVESTIGATING glamping, or luxury camping, developing the wedding market and supporting family attractions are just a few of the ways the Commerce and Employment Department is planning to revitalise the island’s tourism industry.

Quality in Tourism ratings are offered

Alderney aerial

THE owners of hotels, guest houses and self-catering accommodation in Alderney are being offered the chance to join the UK tourist board grading system from this season.

Whole area is a disgrace

I TOTALLY agree with Sue Coryndon’s letter to the Guernsey Press (10 October), ‘Gents’ pool is a wreck.’

Junk will bring tourists

MR MACPHAIL’s derisory arguments (Open Lines, 6 May) against the proposed building of a Chinese junk to house a museum of contemporary art did not take into account the financial spin-offs from the project. It is in the public interest that taxpayers should be informed of these.

Chalet tell you why I loved it?

I FIRST came to the beautiful island of Guernsey in 1964. I came with a girlfriend and we picked Le Chalet Hotel from the guidebook.

Keep an open mind on Tracy Island

THE plans showing the proposed £20m. makeover for a new Idlerocks hotel have come as a surprise to many. And already the scheme, unveiled on Friday, is polarising opinion.