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Photo By Steve Sarre 19-11-14Visit Guernsey numbers on visiters Mike Hopkins

Tourism plan seeks 30% rise in visitors

INVESTIGATING glamping, or luxury camping, developing the wedding market and supporting family attractions are just a few of the ways the Commerce and Employment Department is planning to revitalise the island’s tourism industry.

Whole area is a disgrace

I TOTALLY agree with Sue Coryndon’s letter to the Guernsey Press (10 October), ‘Gents’ pool is a wreck.’

Junk will bring tourists

MR MACPHAIL’s derisory arguments (Open Lines, 6 May) against the proposed building of a Chinese junk to house a museum of contemporary art did not take into account the financial spin-offs from the project. It is in the public interest that taxpayers should be informed of these.

Chalet tell you why I loved it?

I FIRST came to the beautiful island of Guernsey in 1964. I came with a girlfriend and we picked Le Chalet Hotel from the guidebook.

Keep an open mind on Tracy Island

THE plans showing the proposed £20m. makeover for a new Idlerocks hotel have come as a surprise to many. And already the scheme, unveiled on Friday, is polarising opinion.

Weymouth can wave a friendly flag

AROUND 18 months ago, Weymouth Borough Council realised that it had a problem on its hands. Without spending more than £4m. on harbour repairs, there was no way Condor Ferries could continue operating from the port.