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What has happened to the ‘once lovable airline’, Aurigny?

I RECENTLY took a trip back to Guernsey, my birthplace, to visit my sick father and see my family and friends. My flight trip started from Cape Town, South Africa, which is where I live now. I travelled the over nine hours to Dubai, then the seven hours from Dubai to Gatwick. It was only when I landed at Gatwick at 7.20 in the morning I realised that I had to wait until 11.45 for my departure to my birth home. I had made this long layover just in case there were delays somewhere down the line.

Cruise charge ‘not too high’

Cruise ship passengers who want to visit the island will be subject to a £1 fee per individual from next year. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 15790734)

NEW security charges for cruise ship passengers who come ashore in Guernsey will act as extra income for the harbour, the harbour master has said.

Should ‘lifeline’ airline offer bargain fares?

YOUR article by Anna Brehaut (‘Routes will go if profit is needed’, 5 October) was likely to bring either tears or wry smiles to Aurigny customers who read the list of excuses given by Mark Darby, CEO of Aurigny, for the disastrous financial loss recently published. In reading the long list of excuses, I was reminded of ‘the cat ate my homework’ as most of the items were entirely predictable in terms of the type of operation we have and our geographical location. The predictable punch line that ‘uncertainty surrounding Brexit had impacted on leisure and business travel’ was laughable. It is hardly surprising that the airline is losing money when it seems to be taking on more and more routes, some of which cannot possibly be profitable, and at the same time does everything to profit from its best customers.

‘Future Guernsey’ plan needs clear performance targets

RE: FUTURE GUERNSEY. Having written many business plans in the past I, with the benefit of hindsight, now accept that without clearly defined and achievable targets these plans aren’t worth the paper they are written on. The plan presented by Gavin St Pier to the IoD last week failed in my opinion to identify any areas where the proposed Business Plan can be easily judged to have been a success or failure. Most if not all of the many critics of the States of Guernsey will no doubt view this initiative as the usual ‘smoke and mirrors’.

An own goal on our doorstep

IT was hardly the finest hour – or hours – for our tourism industry. Cruise ship passengers, long hailed as one of the island’s most valuable visiting assets, were forced to wait in long, hot queues for up to an hour on Saturday for a bus-trip tour of the island. They had been looking forward to seeing what Guernsey has told them it has to offer. Yet those we spoke to complained that, while it had ‘a wonderful atmosphere’, there was little to do in Town.

Hotel use change ‘should be difficult’


TOURISM growth targets are enough for the Island Development Plan to contain policies that make it difficult for hotels to be converted to other uses, according to independent planning inspectors.

Tourism scheme could give island’s economy a boost

FIGURES released by Tourism this week show that we are 12,000 down on last year’s visitor numbers. So here’s an idea. Geoff and Lynne from Reigate have been seduced by the ‘Free flights to Guernsey’ flyer they were handed as they returned aboard the Caribbean Queen on their recent stop over in St Peter Port.