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Listen to the people and cap population now

AS I drove along the front at not more than 20 miles per hour behind a long line of vehicles, eventually getting to Doyle Road and having to wait for the traffic lights in a line of vehicles backed up to before the entrance to Doyle Motors, I could not help but think – if these so-called clever people of the island think we need at least another 3,000 people on the rock we are going to be in deeper trouble then we are actually in now. This would mean more people with nowhere to live, more people bringing their families over once they have settled in themselves and a lot more traffic to sit in the already overcrowded lines of traffic we have already. I had plenty of time to think – as I was going nowhere sat waiting – and the thought of imported labour came to mind and what a dictatorship this island has become.

Guernsey ruined by ‘Lycra lout’ cyclists

LET me start my letter by saying I am a qualified driving instructor, with my own driving school. Also in my younger years I raced cycles semi-professionally for a commercial team. I now cycle for pleasure over Dartmoor. On my recent visit to Guernsey I was astonished at the attitude of what I call the ‘Lycra louts’. They ride up to three, and in some cases four, abreast and with the roads in Guernsey in most cases are restricting the flow of traffic.

Stealth, wealth and a deliberate rain dance

Emile cartoon Sept

The schools are back and we’re into September. Time for everything to get back to normal after the summer. Trouble is, as Neil Ross’s Emile tells his cousin Eugene, what with the harbours and Environment and the money that’s left going round in circles, he’s not too sure what normal is any more...

Passion for politics must be registered

POLITICS is dead. The courtesy crossing at the Quay has been restored, along with two-lane southbound traffic, and the major issue of this States term has been resolved.

States in shambles

WHAT a shambles. I think Deputy David Jones should be put in charge as not one of the others knows what is going on. Some we only hear of near election time, and some others all they do is soundbites on TV and the Guernsey Press because that’s all they are good for. Do they never look back and look at what they said?

Traffic sergeant admits fraud offences


POLICE traffic sergeant John Tostevin has admitted forging ‘change of keeper’ forms for vehicles with four digit registration plates, as he pleaded guilty to a series of offences related to fraud, computer misuse and data protection law.

Key traffic manoeuvre up ahead

TODAY could see Town finally put out of its ‘misery’ – or most of it – if Environment follows a call from on high.

Albert Pier’s benefits outweigh problems

THERE is much discussion about the recently installed single-lane traffic heading south along the North Beach. There is no doubt that it does slow down traffic even sometimes backing up to the Weighbridge roundabout. On the other hand it does succeed in keeping pedestrians safer when crossing to the Town Church.

Time to open up on cruise liner changes

AFTER another day of angst on the roads for motorists in Town the chief minister was keen to stress that the working party reviewing the changes was listening to peoples’ concerns.

Chief minister stuck in Town congestion


TWO traffic wardens had to help ease traffic tailbacks building up in Town yesterday, causing islanders to vent their continued frustration over the seafront road layout.

High-risk drink drivers face tougher controls

Andrea Nightingale

CONVICTED drink-drivers who meet certain ‘high risk’ criteria will face tougher regulations before they are allowed back on the roads, under a newly-introduced High Risk Drink Driver Scheme.

The buffet approach

(Stefano Viola/Shutterstock)

Too many dishes can make it harder to choose, and with a smorgasbord-style situation facing the States on the traffic strategy, Peter Roffey is worried that an impasse will be the only thing on members’ plates