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Trams could be dream transport solution

THERE I was slipping into another slumber, nodding off and had the wildest dream. I dreamt I was in the 21st century, visualising a large free parking area on the north side of the Bridge.

A hole lot of waste

I SEE today (24 February 2014) that the Vazon coast road is closed in sections for the next five weeks. No problem, I thought, until I saw what was going on. It appears that the road is being ripped up, presumably to be resurfaced at some point. This road is probably the best-surfaced road on the island and is in no way needing any refurbishment. What a complete waste of time and money, not to mention five weeks of inconvenience to drivers. In five weeks, the French could probably build five miles of motorway.

Albert Pier crash victim is set for UK hospital

A 30-YEAR-OLD man who was seriously injured on the Albert Pier after he and a two-year-old boy were slammed against railings by a car was expected to be transferred to Salisbury Hospital yesterday.

Car slams man and toddler into pier railings

A silver Audi caused severe injuries to a father and son walking on the Albert Pier on Saturday evening. (Picture by Juliet Pouteaux, 1334348)

A father and his friend's young son remain seriously hurt in separate hospitals in the UK today after being slammed into railings by a car while they were walking at the Albert Pier.

School bus gets in a bit of a tight spot

This bus in Candie Road, St Andrew's, found its path blocked by a van, while on the way to pick up school children. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 1324680)

WHEN a regular bus met a van travelling in the opposite direction on Candie Road in St Andrews, neither was able to make it through the gap, resulting in backed-up traffic and queues.

Former traffic warden tore up own parking ticket

Sharon Dando, pictured in 2008 when she was a traffic warden. She has just been sentenced to 40 hours' community service after admitting throwing away the police copy of a parking ticket she received.

A POLICE investigation into 'withdrawn' parking tickets revealed that four had been removed without a satisfactory explanation after being issued to its own staff, the Magistrate's Court heard.