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Manchester Arena incident

Increased police presence a ‘precautionary measure’

ARMED police officers could be seen at the ports and airport over the next few days, after the UK increased its terror threat level to ‘critical’ – meaning that more attacks may be imminent – in the wake of Monday’s suicide bombing at Manchester Arena which saw 22 people killed.

Why are Jersey air links cheaper?

CONDOR has been continually in the Press for its poor customer service. However, to date, little has been presented regarding the quality of air services on the island.

Blue Islands’ fleet back to five planes

Blue Islands, Rob Veron

BLUE ISLANDS took delivery of a new interim plane yesterday, as the airline’s managing director gave assurances it would minimise disruption, after that experienced in recent weeks.

Longer runway ‘will benefit all islanders’

Economic Development Committee vice-president Jan Kuttelwascher is hoping to have the subject of lengthening the airport runway once again discussed by the States. He believes it would be of great benefit to the island and, if approved, he thinks work could start before Christmas this year. (15220559)

CONTINUE to pay higher prices for airline tickets or invest in a longer runway to bring them down, the Economic Development Committee vice-president Jan Kuttelwascher has said, as he launches another bid to get it extended.

Travel situation ‘ridiculous’

I FEEL compelled to write about the deplorable travel conditions that are afflicting our island and must be damaging our economy. Free, cost-effective movement to our precious island is currently being denied to its citizens and visitors, and this ridiculous situation must simply stop or it will strangle any chance of economic recovery. When the ferries aren’t running, the cost of a flight is prohibitively expensive or there is poor route availability.

Condor vows to improve

Ken Soar, Group Ditector, Condor Ferries. Picture: JON GUEGAN

CONDOR FERRIES has vowed to improve its customer services after admitting that public confidence in the company is ‘at a low ebb’.

Reciprocal Health Agreement must be restored

I AM sure that I speak for many that wish to see the Reciprocal Health Agreement (RHA) between Guernsey and the UK restored. Since its suspension we have had a number of unbelievable explanations why it was not possible to restore it. These ranged from our lack of a free ambulance service to the cost to the UK. It remains a source of shame rather than pride that Guernsey alone in the British Isles excludes itself from the RHA.

Aurigny drops Jersey route


URGENT talks over the future of inter-island air links and route competition are being planned, after Aurigny’s decision to pull out of the Jersey route.

New travellers’ health scheme proposed


INVESTIGATIONS will be held into the States covering the cost of healthcare and medical treatment of Guernsey residents while travelling in the UK, if deputies back the move.