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Can Aurigny do better?

AS SOMEONE who was fully behind the proposals for the States to take over Aurigny Airlines when I was a States member, I take a keen interest in the progress of our national airline.

Fuel and road taxes at odds with agreed vision

ONLY two generations ago the post of deputy was filled by local successful businessmen, in their own time, who were volunteers. They had the best interests of the island and the local Guernseyman at heart. They knew that to run a successful business, the same as running a successful household, your income needs to outweigh expenditure. These men knew their tomatoes and Guernsey was a thriving community with money in the bank.

Why so much cheaper to fly to Jersey?

WHY does it cost significantly more to travel from London Gatwick to Guernsey than from London Gatwick to Jersey? I have had a look at several flights and all of them are significantly more.

Tourism plan puts cart before horse

I AM appalled by so much nonsense written in the Press and, particularly, by Commerce and Employment with their ‘10-year plan for tourism’. As a travel agent, the article has prompted me to comment on their proposals. With respect to Messrs Hopkins and Wheadon, the jargon and hype apart, I suggest their plan is not only unrealistic but puts the cart before the horse for several reasons – a travel agent’s point of view.

Put customer service in travel plans

BANK Holiday travel to and from the Bailiwick is always a lottery – if the wave height doesn’t get you, the fog probably will. Time was though that the bemused, soothing phrase of: ‘Well, that’s the price you pay for living on such a beautiful island,’ held some sway.

WATCH - Condor Liberation


AS CONDOR Ferries’ new £50m. vessel is scheduled to officially enter service on 27 March, interior specialists Trimeline are working around the clock to complete the major fit-out in time.

Fare rise was inevitable

Last year I flew to Southampton with Blue Islands in May, September and in December and  on each occasion, I only paid £50 return. When I checked prices and availability a couple of days ago, surprise, surprise, the cheapest flight I could get was £49 each way.

Proposed tax is wrong

SHAME on our States members and their civil masters, if that is what they are. I believe this whole business of air pollution is a cover-up for a hidden agenda to increase taxation.

Ferry could save Alderney

IN HIS article (‘Alderney problem needs a radical solution’), Peter Roffey performs a service not only to the people of Alderney but also to Guernsey by highlighting important issues.

Keep key flight route on the rise

REPORTS that Aurigny’s recently-launched London City service is already exceeding the company’s expectations is welcome news for both the airline and the island.