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Could we save with the States?

MANY congratulations to whosoever it is who is achieving a 7. 4% return on our States money. One assumes this is invested safely. This emphasises the importance of putting a stop to spending our reserves in order to make up revenue shortfall.

If it isn’t broke...

I’VE BEEN following very closely the various articles and correspondence in the Guernsey Press relating to the changes and proposals our politicians are putting forward concerning the constitution of the States of Deliberation and taxation.

Home could yet be top of the class

WITH this Assembly half way through its political term, attention has inevitably turned to how well it is doing and whether it has yet earned the title of ‘worst States ever’. The answer is no. It hasn’t done enough yet for islanders to draw an informed conclusion.

Aurigny jet: lending options explored

A DECISION on whether taxpayer money will be used to fund the purchase of the new Aurigny jet will be made after it has explored all lending options, the airline’s chief financial officer has said.

Double debt for more spending

PROPOSALS from Treasury and Resources released today to fund capital spending to 2017 have the dubious distinction of seeking to put the island doubly in the red.

'Two-tier' economy warning

Deputy Dave Jones, left, and Treasury and Resources minister Gavin St Pier at the business trends survey seminar. (Picture by Tom Tardif, 1323212)

A ‘TWO-TIER’ economy could be developing in Guernsey, the Treasury and Resources minister has warned.

Micro-managing FTP 'will clog up system'

Scrutiny of the States’ big savings initiative should be left to the Public Accounts Committee instead of bogging it down in detail, its champion has said.

Up to HSSD to put a priority on its spending

HEALTH and Social Services will not receive more funding to improve its financial management, the Treasury and Resources minister has said following the department’s £2.5m overspend.

Mortgage interest relief line softened by T&R minister

TREASURY and Resources could reconsider its position on scrapping mortgage interest relief if a review it will carry out on personal taxes, allowances and duties provides ‘compelling evidence’ against it, minister Gavin St Pier has said.