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Faulty system forces States into action

WHAT a difference eight months makes. As recently as September last year Treasury and Resources put its broken promise to balance the books down to cyclical rather than systemic failures. In other words, the shortfall in States income would right itself as soon as slowcoach revenues such as income tax caught up.

New position makes change less taxing

WHEN a year ago the States asked islanders what the public sector was doing right and wrong in delivering services it was clear where the biggest problems could be found. A bar chart detailing answers to the question ‘Which service were you least satisfied with?’ had a single skyscraper of dissatisfaction: Income Tax. More than 360 people identified the Cornet Street department as unsatisfactory compared to just 75 for Education, the next worst performing unit.

Income tax status change ‘penny-pinching’

I write to you (Treasury and Resources) concerning my income tax marital status. I am an ex-Guernsey civil servant, married and had lived in Guernsey for many years where we brought up our family, some being educated there and all having worked in Guernsey.

What is all this debt really for?

THEY should not be tough questions to answer. What talks took place and what in principle agreements were in place before Treasury and Resources committed the island to borrowing £330m.?

You can trust States to shirk responsibility

RESPONSIBILITY is a theme to which this newspaper frequently returns. All too often the blunder is obvious – undeniable even – but who is responsible is always less clear.

Do not hide behind Pfos legal advice

SORRY is the hardest word to say sometimes. While the chief minister was forced into a meek apology of sorts this weekend as the harsh light of the global media was on him, those at the heart of the Pfos case cannot yet get themselves past disappointment.

The bar is set high for environment

NO ONE is against biodiversity. Unlike climate change, even on the far fringes of scientific opinion there is nobody arguing that we need fewer species or less attention paid to the damage humans are doing to the world. So when Treasury and Resources says it cannot support spending £80,000 on a biodiversity strategy no one should accuse them of being anti-environment.

Money talks


An independent panel has been given just a couple of months to decide on politicians’ pay, and with a new committee structure and fewer deputies in the next Assembly, there is much to consider. Peter Roffey wishes them well and muses on some of the issues the panel should take into consideration

Motor tax plans stalled


TREASURY will not bring forward plans for an annual motor tax to help the Environment Department fund its beleaguered transport strategy.

Independent review of FTP ‘very sensible’


RECOMMENDATIONS resulting from an independent review of the States big savings programme will be carried forward into the next phase of transformation, the Treasury minister has said.