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No support led to early resignation

AS THE days tick by without any update from either police or politicians on the island’s missing £2.6m. or how the attempts at getting it back are faring, attention is turning to what else might have been lost.

£62 per head gone? Just freeze pay

IN a few short weeks, Guernsey’s 2013 Budget will be released for debate in December. At a time of austerity and with a financial deficit, islanders may well be fearful of tax rises and increases in duty on the usual targets such as alcohol and tobacco.

Signs of change – and strain

AS THE reverberations of the surprise resignation of the chief officer of Treasury and Resources in the wake of the £2.6m. Lagan fraud continue to be felt, there is also the hint of something else happening.

You can’t blame the foot-soldiers

GUERNSEY’S Treasury and Resources minister, in a face-to-face interview with this newspaper, was quite explicit. Whoever was responsible for falling for the £2.6m. con will be held accountable – whatever position they hold.

Someone IS accountable

TREASURY minister Gavin St Pier has pledged that whoever is responsible for the £2.6m. con will be held accountable – whatever position they hold.

Money gone and no one to blame...

MORE than two weeks ago, staff at Lagan Construction’s finance department became concerned that one of its regular monthly payments for the airport project hadn’t been received and so chased up Treasury and Resources.

Non-local businesses are Treasury target

TAXING non-finance businesses such as shops and building firms which are not locally owned is the main objective for Treasury and Resources minister Gavin St Pier.