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Mortgage interest relief line softened by T&R minister

TREASURY and Resources could reconsider its position on scrapping mortgage interest relief if a review it will carry out on personal taxes, allowances and duties provides ‘compelling evidence’ against it, minister Gavin St Pier has said.

Give yourselves up – it is not going away


POLICE are this morning still seeking to arrest two members of a criminal gang suspected of being responsible for duping Treasury and Resources into handing over £2.6m. of taxpayer money.

Will OAPs be the first hit?

TREASURY and Resources’s stance on the benefit upgrades proposed by Social Security is a real kick in the teeth for pensioners.

Delays heap more pain on Treasury

HOW long after Treasury and Resources was told on 10 July that it was the victim of a massive fraud were most of the relevant facts known?

Post windfall could help fund school

GUERNSEY Post's £5m. windfall to the States will help fund the rebuilding of La Mare de Carteret School or other potential capital projects, it has been revealed.

No support led to early resignation

AS THE days tick by without any update from either police or politicians on the island’s missing £2.6m. or how the attempts at getting it back are faring, attention is turning to what else might have been lost.