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Up to HSSD to put a priority on its spending

HEALTH and Social Services will not receive more funding to improve its financial management, the Treasury and Resources minister has said following the department’s £2.5m overspend.

Mortgage interest relief line softened by T&R minister

TREASURY and Resources could reconsider its position on scrapping mortgage interest relief if a review it will carry out on personal taxes, allowances and duties provides ‘compelling evidence’ against it, minister Gavin St Pier has said.

Give yourselves up – it is not going away


POLICE are this morning still seeking to arrest two members of a criminal gang suspected of being responsible for duping Treasury and Resources into handing over £2.6m. of taxpayer money.

Will OAPs be the first hit?

TREASURY and Resources’s stance on the benefit upgrades proposed by Social Security is a real kick in the teeth for pensioners.

Delays heap more pain on Treasury

HOW long after Treasury and Resources was told on 10 July that it was the victim of a massive fraud were most of the relevant facts known?

Post windfall could help fund school

GUERNSEY Post's £5m. windfall to the States will help fund the rebuilding of La Mare de Carteret School or other potential capital projects, it has been revealed.