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Union split leaves States without option

IT IS hard not to feel aggrieved that the dispute over public sector pensions refuses to die. Having agreed to negotiate jointly it cannot be right that Unite the union can take a second bite of the apple by splitting away from the other unions simply because the overall result did not go their way.

‘The States betrayed us’


PUBLIC sector workers said they felt both frustrated and betrayed by the States at Saturday’s pensions march, but that morale had been boosted by the demonstration.

£500,000 ‘gamble’ is queried by unions


QUESTIONS as to how the States can spend an ‘eye-watering’ £500,000 on a court ‘gamble’ at such a time of austerity have been asked by unions hoping to reopen pension negotiations.

Stakes are high as court battle looms

ANYONE doubting how far apart the Policy Council and its employees are on pensions and how high are the stakes need not read every word of the 150-page report.

Unions will unite to fight pension plans

ed freestone

A UNIFIED legal fight will be coordinated between unions in a bid to stop the States forcing pension reforms on public sector employees, one of the largest unions has said.

‘We have compromised’

YOUR comment of 9 January (‘Compromise is better than conflict’), referring to the public sector pension reform negotiations, distorted the picture in a number of respects – not least in suggesting that the Policy Council had opted for conflict rather than compromise or negotiation. That is simply not true.

Unions 'overwhelmingly' vote against pension deal

Unite the Union regional officer Bob Lanning leaving last night’s meeting. (Picture by Tom Tardif, 6826315)

UNIONS representing States workers said last night that members had been 'overwhelmingly' against the States' proposed new pension scheme, but would not say which way the vote had gone until they have relayed the result to government officials thi...