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Pensions wait has island on hold

WHAT is shaping up to be one of the longest-running negotiations ever between the States and its employees looks set to remain unresolved into yet another new year.

Where will pensions row end?

AS NEGOTIATIONS on the States pension between unions and the Policy Council entered a new low yesterday, hopes of gaining an agreed settlement before the end of the year seem further away than ever.

Bus drivers on strike

Bus drivers gathered outside the Tramsheds depot this morning. Cyclists and drivers called out to them as they went past. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 1328899)

MASSIVE disruption of the island’s bus service is expected today after drivers voted for an immediate 24-hour strike at an emergency meeting last night.

Night bus drivers step forward

A DRIVER stand-off which threatened the launch of CT Plus's new night bus service has ended after five employees volunteered to work the unsocial hours.

Union called in over bus drivers’ fears

BUS DRIVERS have turned to their union for help out of fear that they are being forced to work the late-night services with no security onboard and no extra pay.

Pension gripes are a year too late

A STATEMENT yesterday from the Association of States Employee Organisations on pension reforms was notable for who, or more importantly who didn’t, sign it off.

Chief minister 'out of touch' on RPI linkage

ARGUING that States spending on pensions, benefits and pay should not automatically be linked to inflation shows the chief minister has no idea about the struggles faced by people living on the breadline, a union representative has said.