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Window smashed in CFE break-in bid


VANDALS climbed onto the roof and smashed skylight windows in an attempt to gain access to the College of Further Education’s Les Ozouets campus

Vandals attack Gnome Rock

People living near the unofficial attraction close to Beaucette Marina have condemned the vandalism, saying it has spoilt the magic of the site for children. (Picture by Tom Tardif, 1292886)

VANDALS have smashed a collection of garden ornaments that had become a ‘magical’ unofficial attraction known as Gnome Rock.

Sark policing queried after vine vandalism

Damage done to Sark's vineyards has led to questions about the adequacy of policing in the island.

SARK Estate Management managing director Kevin Delaney has questioned the adequacy of policing in Sark after thousands of pounds worth of damage was caused to island vineyards.

90-year-old tree killed 'for view'

Stephen Black in whose Havelet garden the tree is growing and Treeline’s Phil Collenette. Mr Black said ‘ring-barking’ the 65ft tree was done by someone to gain a better view. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 1280099)

‘RECKLESS vandals’ who have condemned a 90-year-old oak tree to die in a couple of years might have done it to give themselves a better view, the owner has said.