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BA owner near deal for Aer Lingus

The owner of British Airways today appeared to be on the brink of a major breakthrough in its £1 billion pursuit of Dublin-based carrier Aer Lingus.

Pope uses balloons in peace gesture

Balloons, not doves, were released as a gesture of peace in St Peter's Square today - a year after an attack by a seagull and a crow on the symbolic birds sparked protests by animal rights groups.

Mother's bid to track down stranger

A young mother has launched an internet campaign to track down the generous stranger who left her a handwritten note in which he described her as a "credit to her generation".

Government 'suspicious of Muslims'

Baroness Warsi said there had been a failure to tackle anti-Muslim sentiment

A Government tendency to view growing numbers of Muslim organisations and individuals with suspicion and a failure to develop a friendship with the three-million strong community in Britain has led to a very real lack of trust, a former Conservative party chairman has said.

PSNI anti-terror unit runs 68 cases

An anti-terror police unit in Northern Ireland has almost 70 investigations under way, a detective has said

A specialist police anti-terror unit in Northern Ireland is conducting almost 70 investigations into dissident republican activities, the majority undercover surveillance operations, its lead detective has revealed.

Ukip 'should stand up for bigots'

Ukip said Matthew Richardson was not an elected representative or a party spokesman

Ukip faced embarrassment over comments made by a senior official who claimed the party should stand up for "bigots" and claimed the NHS was the "biggest waste of money in the UK".

Auschwitz survivor 'still fearful'

Ivor Perl was sent to Auschwitz camp aged 12 in 1944

An Auschwitz survivor who still hears daily the sound of the railway tracks that brought him to the Nazi death camp remains "fearful" following the attack on a Jewish supermarket in Paris.

Cancer push urges lipstick selfies

Social media users are being urged to share selfies with lipstick smeared on their face as part of a cervical cancer awareness campaign.

Farage to use EU exit money on NHS

Nigel Farage appears on BBC One's The Andrew Marr Show (BBC/PA)

Nigel Farage has promised to use money saved by quitting the European Union to inject extra cash into the NHS as he sought to limit the damage caused by a Ukip MEP defecting to the Tories and embarrassing comments from a senior party official.

Ebola nurse tells of fight to live

The Scottish nurse who contracted Ebola has revealed how the illness took her from wondering "what all the fuss was about" to the brink of death.

PM vows 'solidarity' after IS video

David Cameron has vowed to stand with Japan after an IS video claimed the extremist group had executed one of its Japanese hostages

David Cameron has pledged "solidarity with the Japanese people" after a video was temporarily posted online purporting to announce the murder of hostage Haruna Yukawa.

Pension saving 'now more important'

Pension saving has become one of the nation's top priorities - but people are still more likely to put any spare cash they might have towards a holiday rather than their retirement fund, a report has found.