Weather - Shipping

Shipping forecast from the Jersey Met. Office. .

Shipping forecast from the Jersey Met. Office.


At the time of issue there was a Strong Wind Warning in force for the Channel Islands Area.


Mainly cloudy.

General Situation

At midday., deep low, 949mb, near Greenland and high, 1035mb, over Spain maintained a strong southwesterly flow over most of the British Isles.

Forecast from 7pm Tuesday to 7pm Wednesday.

  • Forecast: Slight risk of a little drizzle.
  • Wind: Southwesterly 4 to 5, occasionally 6 with gusts to 35kt.
  • Visibility: Good, perhaps locally moderate to poor.
  • Sea State: Moderate to rather rough, occasionally rough towards mid-Channel.
  • Sea Swell: Confused. Total waves 5 to 10 feet.
  • Sea Temp: 13

Outlook from 7pm Wednesday to 7pm Thursday.

  • Forecast: Some rain likely in the west by Thursday evening.
  • Wind: South to southwest 5 to 6, perhaps locally 7 mid- Channel on Thursday.
  • Visibility: Good, perhaps moderate to poor in the west later.
  • Sea State: Moderate to rather rough with swell, occasionally rough towards mid-Channel