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A MAN who filmed himself having sex with his teenage daughter has been jailed.

A MAN who filmed himself having sex with his teenage daughter has been jailed. The girl, who was about 19 at the time, never complained and the offence came to light only after police raided his house for undisclosed reasons and found the tape.

His wife accepted some of the blame, saying that her illness restricted their sex life.

After admitting incest, the 53-year-old was sent to prison for 14 months by the Royal Court.

The offence was committed about 10 years ago, but the man had taken a sexual interest in his daughter from a much earlier age.

He also took several nude videos of her while she was pregnant.

After being charged 15 months ago, the defendant was bailed not to contact the daughter - he has two - and has been living in England since.

Advocate Lloyd Strappini, defending, said that the accused's marriage had been going through a rocky patch and he had very little sex life with his wife because of her health problems.

He was also drinking a lot, but this was an explanation and not an excuse, said the advocate.


In a letter to the court, the wife said she could not understand how the incident had happened.

'Our marriage has had its ups and downs, but the children never suffered,' she wrote.

'As the girls got older and had kids of their own, they always went to their dad for help.'

She said that although the daughters knew what their father had done was wrong, they showed no hate towards him and had stayed in close contact between the incident and his arrest.


'They say he will always be their dad and they have no problem with me still being with him.'

Police searched the man's home in August 2004.

He admitted incest after officers found a number of videos of a sexual nature, including footage of him having sex with his daughter.

'You had taken a sexual interest in your daughter much earlier in life and had pestered her to take her clothes off on many occasions, probably when she was in her early teens,' said Bailiff Geoffrey Rowland.

That interest evolved into taking digital photos and videos of her naked, touching her indecently on a number of occasions and eventually instigating the act of incest, he added.

'You were exploiting and corrupting her at such times during her teenage years, deliberately and flagrantly ignoring your parental responsibilities to her. She became conditioned to your sexual interest in her.'

The court heard that although it was not possible to identify the accused as the man in the video, he confirmed that it was him.

It was accepted that the daughter went along with the sex act and showed no distress or reluctance. She now had two children, both of whom were believed to be in care.

Prior to being shown the video, the man had denied knowledge of the incident and claimed his daughter had made the allegation to gain custody of her children.

'He later admitted the offence but was vague in his answers and said he may have done it, but could not remember,' said Crown Advocate Graeme McKerrell, prosecuting.

He referred to a police statement in which the daughter said that by her mid-teens, her father would continually pester her to take off her clothes.

'She said he was a man who got his own way and on several occasions he took her hand and made her touch him. She did not like it but could not resist.'

In her late teens, she had her first child but split up with her partner and the child went to live with her grandparents.

When she was pregnant with her second child, she returned to live with her parents.

Advocate Strappini said the accused had been married to the daughter's mother for 35 years and, while they were living separately, she was in full support of him and they were still together.

Advocate Strappini said the offence was at the lower end of the scale.

He said she was above the age of consent, there was no evidence before the court of any coercion being used or any emotional distress and trauma being caused.

But Mr Rowland said the court would use its judgement that there must have been some damage.

'Fortunately she is now looking to the future and is intent on putting your conduct behind her. The court nevertheless considers that your conduct will never be forgotten and will have had a significant effect upon her and, in all likelihood, on her relationship with other men,' he said.

'Sadly, you appear to have been oblivious for some time of the impact it will have had.'

Mr McKerrell said the attitude that the daughter took was that it had happened and she was just getting on with her life.

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