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Testing is UFO theory

THE UFOs seen by two airline pilots earlier this week could have been military test planes.


THE UFOs seen by two airline pilots earlier this week could have been military test planes. Another pilot, Flybe's Troy Queripel, put forward that

theory yesterday.

'There is military air space all around Guernsey and there is a lot of activity in that space. We call them danger areas,' said the 40-year-old.

'My theory is that it could have been some sort of military test aircraft that entered our air space by mistake.'

The objects were seen by Aurigny captain Ray Bowyer and confirmed by the pilot of a Blue Islands aircraft.

Reports were sent to the Ministry of Defence for further investigation.

French military air space starts 20 miles west of Guernsey and occupies an area of approximately 150 square miles.

British military air space starts 40 miles north of Guernsey and Captain Queripel believes military involvement was the likeliest explanation.

'I am not trying to discredit anything that Ray said because I saw him 45 minutes after the incident and he was clearly shaken. He obviously saw something.

'But think about the stealth bomber and the U2 spy plane. They were being tested for years before anyone was aware of them.

'The stealth bomber had been around for 25 years before anyone knew about it. The first the Iraqis knew of it was when it was above them dropping bombs.'

He said it is impossible to know what is being tested today.

'The U2 spy plane was taking photos over Russia and they knew nothing about it at first.'

Captain Queripel, who has been a pilot for seven years, said military air spaces around the island are off-limits to commercial planes.

'They are called danger areas for a reason: enter them at your peril. You can ask for permission to go through, but it would usually be denied.'

He added: 'Two per cent of me thinks it was little green men, but the other 98% thinks it was the military testing new technology that we haven't even heard of.'

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