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IT'S BRIGHT, it's new, it's an all-conquering injection of innovation, bringing new light and sound to Guernsey's nightclub scene.

IT'S BRIGHT, it's new, it's an all-conquering injection of innovation, bringing new light and sound to Guernsey's nightclub scene.

New Club Fusion and Luna were launched into the public domain last Wednesday night to specially invited guests and to the rest of the island last Friday.

The doors of Luna opened at half eight and by quarter to nine you could not move in there.

There were queues outside the bar as it reached capacity, meaning the new Club Fusion had to open its doors earlier to get everyone in.

Fire dancers danced in the street and a hot looking woman in a kinky outfit took to the stage in the club later in the night with an angle-grinder – yeah, it went off.

In just eight weeks, new owner Adam Burroughs and his team managed to transform both establishments.

'It was a mad rush to get there' said manager and owner Adam, 'but we made it in the end'.

Gone is the old seating and fake olde worlde look of Claddagh. In is subtle lighting, funky furniture and use of the granite walls in Luna.


Making a fresh, clean and spacious bar, larger than Le Cru and less pretentious than Laska.

Any traces of Rogues have now gone.

And I was surprised to hear moans from punters that 'it hadn't changed much.'

Okay, so the layout is still pretty similar, but we couldn't really expect Adam to knock down the building, could we?


Drastic changes have been made.

The dance floor lights up Saturday Night Fever-style, the DJ booth is back where is should always have been, on the stage, the tables change colour and there are also a couple of beds thrown in for good measure.

There is also an exclusive VIP area, where members can enjoy the finest top shelf liquors and Randall's Breda lager on tap, cheaper than at your local.

Most importantly about both of these establishments is the technical side of things that the punters would not have noticed.

The sound system, hot-beefy-bass injection without being muffled and loud enough to dance to without your ears ringing.

The satellite speakers at the bar have been re-jigged, so now you are able to order your drink and chat at the bar without losing your voice.

The DJ booths have been kitted out with the latest in technology, they are also able to control the lights and lasers from the booth.

Music on the opening night?

Luna seems to be heading down the funky, soul route. With DJs oneofakind and Manzur hitting it up and throwing out their trademark sound with a selection of funk, soul, Latin, jazz, hip hop.

Certainly adding to the modern/ traditional stylings of the building and clientele.

Already conformed for the up-and-coming months are Javen, Ben Driver, Ton Shearer and Ash Dye.

Fusion offered some dirty electro, breakbeat and house mash-ups from Adam West.

I think the question on everyone's lips is, is Adam going to be running nights with big DJs from all different styles – drum and bass, dubstep, house, hip-hop and funk?

I really hope he does, as now there is a venue that can cater for that type of night and cater for it well.

Now is an exciting time for nightlife in the island, and right in time for the festive period.

With the club and bar only just opened, there is now time for it to grow and create an identity.

I am excited to see what that will be.

Photos in this gallery were taken by Steve Sarre.

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