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THE Guernsey Press publishes in full the leaked email exchange in which islanders were called 'inbreds' by a deputy.

THIS is a transcript of the email exchange leaked to the Guernsey Press.

The emails were sent via the States Members Distribution Group, which goes to all deputies.

Mike Hadley wrote:


It does seem that your board are being unreasonable so I would welcome a briefing of States Members to explain your position.



Dave Jones wrote:


Not at all Mike.

Herm island belongs to the people of Guernsey, we lease it out to keep the grass cut and the rats down not to turn it into some bloody theme park.

I think I can speak for thousands of islanders when I say we rather like it as it is thank you.

We don't want music festivals or junk art scattered over the island, it is a very peaceful tranquil place that I and Bonny have visited for over 40 years, leave it alone.


The English have ruined everywhere else they have ever been and they never seem happier than when they are trying to turn the place they have just arrived at into a plastic replica of the place they just left.

If they don't like it they can always leave.


From Mike O'Hara

Dear Dave

I don't normally jump in on mails but gosh Dave where did that come from?

I think you are being a little unfair to the "Singers" who have no intention of changing the place into the type of island you describe. They love the island and totally respect it's wonderful environment.

Sorry mate, I think you were wrong to be critical in this instance


From Matt Fallaize

Is this debate about the character of Herm reserved for expats or can the locally-born join in as well? :)

From Elis Bebb

I believe the inbreds are entitled to a vote these days.

* Laurie Queripel wrote:

Byddwch yn ofalus Bach!

Laurie BRYN Queripel

* From Elis Bebb

Paid a poeni Laurie, dwi bob tro'n ofalus ynglyn a be dwi'n i ddweud ag yn bwysicach, pwy dwi'n dweud be wrtho. Y peth pwysicaf ydi'r modd i siarad iaith y nefoedd, ag yn hynny o beth, dwi'n meddwl mod i ar y brig yn y senedd.

Stick that in Google translate and smoke it.

Laurie Queripel wrote:

It's either Scotland the Brave, a Dylan Thomas ramble or that piece Wales sing before they lose at rugby.

Barry Paint wrote:

Dear Deputy Bebb

I'm fairly positive that you are well aware of the great offence you have caused to many local Deputies by your comments on the Deputies website, referring to local people as "inbreds".

You have not been in the States for very long and it may be the sort of language you are used to using in your previous occupation but it is not what is expected from any member of the States whether they be local or, as you are a guest in this island, even in jest.

The island as a rule welcomes people from all walks of life and from many different cultures and places around the world.

The local people do not expect to be insulted by anyone fortunate enough to be able to live here.

Should what you have stated be put in the public domain, there can be no doubt that there would be a very adverse reaction to the comment, by local people and from all the good people who come here to work, which you are one.

I would respectfully ask you to give a full apology for your comment to all locals who are able to view this site immediately.

From Scott Ogier

I wasn't aware of the great offence caused by Elis's comments, did I miss a meeting? Any of us local's really offended by Elis's toothless barb?

How is this 'great offence' manifesting itself?

The lighthearted message, directed at Matt Fallaize, was posted in an email, there is no site to view comments on, only these emails.

I think Elis is guilty of nothing more than believing he was amongst friends when he wrote that in a mail to all States members.

Let's not go out of our way to be offended by jokes.

If Elis has to and can put up with sheep jokes, and he does, we're thick-skinned enough to put up with a bit of gene-pool banter

Talking of gene-pools, our Swimarathon team did very well today, thanks to Yvonne, I'll go at my own pace thank you, Burford

Michelle, listen very carefully, I will swim this only once, Le Clerc

Garry, the machine, Collins

Gavin, the metronome, St Pier

Tony, I'll do this length in 64 seconds, Spruce

Chris, hey I'm a lawyer not a swimmer, Green

Darren, what have you done today to make you feel proud, Duquemin and

Scott, anyone need any budgies smuggling, Ogier

And thanks to the generosity of States members the team raised over £400 so well done to all.

Matt Fallaize wrote:


What is more offensive is that you have inserted an apostrophe in locals.

From Scott Ogier

An apostrophe was inserted, we can all agree

I find it difficult to believe it was me, I'm going to play the autocorrect card

From Matt Fallaize

Is there a way of getting your auto-correct (which it seems to me must be hyphenated) to recognise where full stops are required?

Laurie Queripel wrote:

I think Scott likes to leave things open-ended, he's just that kind of guy.

Lester Queripel wrote:

Dont understand why Elis is getting flack... and I'm one of the local's/locals! he's a good boyo in my book and he takes the banter political jousting and jesting he receives in the Chamber from those to the left of him particularly Dep Trott and Ogier with a pinch of the proverbial intrigued that Scotts also put an apostrophe in Regard's in the email three down the chain when he didn't in his email five down the chain never mind I'm going off to read my copy of Eats Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss for an hour or so to help me get to sleep.....zzzzzzz.....ah that's better

From Barry Paint

I have to say that I'm surprised that some of you that have responded to my request for an apology has been received in the way it has. The use of the Deputies distribution web site for personal insults and inappropriate language must be close to, if not breach the code of conduct passed and agreed by the States as a whole.

This site is a private site, as we all well know, but I have to point out, as you are all very well aware that some are only too pleased to leak information when it suits them.

An apology would go some way to rectify the inappropriate written that has been used on this site in this particular chain of emails and should serve as a warning to all not to take the written word too far.

I have no problem with verbal banter between "friends" simply because if one does not want to listen to vulgar or offensive talk he or she just has to walk away.

I do not have a problem with private emails between "friends" containing material that could be vulgar, rude or that could be offensive to some.

I do have a problem the Deputies Government distribution site with the sort of language that has been used on this line of chat.

This site should only be used for debate between States members, for the passing of information and for contact between two or more States members on items regarding Government.

I now ask if any of you would use this chain of emails on any social media or media site, I don't think so, so why use it here.

Google translate

* Laurie Queripel said: 'Be careful Bach!'

* Elis Bebb responded 'Do not worry Laurie, I'm always careful about what I say as, importantly, who I said what to him.'The most important thing is the way to speak the language of heaven, as in that respect, I think that's at the top in parliament'

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