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Renewed interest in pilot's 'UFO' sighting

FORMER Aurigny pilot Ray Bowyer has been deluged by fresh TV interest in his 'UFO' sighting from 2007. After six years of little or no contact from international media, over the space of a couple of days before Christmas, four TV crews contacted him. Two have been to Alderney to film.


A Canadian company visited for a Discovery production. Mr Bowyer was asked to re-enact the day when he saw two objects in the sky while piloting a Trislander to Alderney from Southampton, with actors playing passengers who also witnessed the phenomenon.

Last week a Dutch film crew was there to interview him.

'The big question is what has led to such renewed interest that four different groups from different countries on pretty much the same day have wanted to come to Alderney to do this,' said Mr Bowyer.

'The odds on it are pretty long. Somebody, somewhere has some control over this and I'm looking to establish who that is.'

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