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Ladies' College on song for £1m

'UNPRECEDENTED' levels of fundraising have seen Ladies' College reach half its £2m. target in 10 months.


As part of the school's expansion, the phase three 'a gift for learning' area will see a new building housing 10 classrooms, a learning support room, dedicated music centre, a new refectory and a library – with all of that ready to be moved into by September this year.

Principal Ashley Clancy said to hit the £1m. milestone in such a short space of time was incredible and made the school the envy of others across the country trying to raise money.

'I talk a lot to schools in the UK and I have not come across one which has raised £1m. in a year. It is unprecedented.

'And what is amazing is that it is in the bank. We cannot wait for it to be finished – it will change the whole feel of the school.'

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