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Special film is made for RGLI

A SPECIAL film about the Royal Guernsey Light Infantry will help people around the world see where the local regiment once walked, 100 years ago.


The video was made by the Guernsey Press, with the RGLI Charitable Trust. It is working to raise £30,000 to create lasting memorials in Guernsey and France to remember the hundreds of Guernseymen killed and injured in the First World War Battle of Cambrai, which sees its centenary in November.

The Guernsey Press has been supporting the trust's appeal through our 'Guernsey's Finest Hour' campaign.

Locations for the film shoot included Belvedere Field, where the troops paraded, Town Church, where the unit's colours are now displayed, and the White Rock, where the men embarked on their voyage to England and then on to France.

RGLI Charitable Trust trustee Chris Oliver said the video was a great chance to remind people of the story of the soldiers and to revisit the 'It is a really important story,' he said.'It is also great to have a video, because we have had donations from people all over the world.'So nearly locations.

Almost £14,000 has been raised so far, getting the group nearly half-way towards its total, with money coming in from islanders as well as people as far away as Australia. 'It's only been a few weeks, but it's really captured everyone's imaginations,' Mr Oliver said.

'There have also been some wonderful comments. We have been delighted with the fundraising and the support has been fantastic.'

Around half the money has been donated by corporate supporters, but the rest has come from individuals and families. View the video below.

ROLL OF HONOUR: Appeal donors so far, some with their reasons for giving...

Martin Wakely, in memory of George and Ernest Le Sauvage, killed in action on 1 December 1917 at Masnieres, also his brother Ernest Le Sauvage, Royal Irish Fusiliers, killed in action 29 April 1916.

Jane Hullock, in memory of Pvt 403 Peter Cousin, her grandfather, who was reportedly missing presumed dead. Thankfully he did return home but unfortunately never recovered from the experience.

V. and M. Tardiff, in memory of John Bourgaize of 137th Btn Canadian Expeditionary Force, also Alfred Le Prevost and John Le Prevost, all lost 1914-1918.

E. Mace, in memory of Private W. G. Mace, her uncle, who was wounded at Cambria but survived. He was later a constable in Sark at the time of Queen and Prince Phillip's visit.

Eileen Glass/Lloyd Duquemin, in memory of Sidney Duquemin who was in the battle of Cambrai. We believe that was where he was gassed, he survived the war.

P. Bourgaize


N. and J. Gaudion

John and Cecilia Alflatt

Molly Le Page, in memory of her grandfather, C. J. Brimage.

Eileen Mace, in memory of her father Daniel Falla, who was wounded at Cambrai, serving alongside his brother Alfred Falla and brother-in-law Herbert Mahy.

Dr Nick Le Poidevin

Mrs P. Henry, in memory of her father, H. W. Le Gallez.


Alan and Pauline Le Page, in memory of 386 Percy Nicolle who was wounded on 19 March 1918.

Joyce and Roy Nicolle, in memory of 386 Percy Nicolle, who was wounded on 19 March 1918.

Ron and Yvonne Le Page, in memory of Arthur J. Le Page and his brothers-in-law, who enlisted in 1916 and looked after the horses pulling carts taking supplies to the front. He returned on SS Lydia and lived to 96.

Marilyn and Chas Adkins, in memory of Private George Le Sauvage, a great-great-uncle who died 1 December 1917 at Les Rue Vertes, buried near Masineries but whose grave was lost during the fighting.

Captain Ian Brouard, in memory of Percy James Brouard, a great-great-cousin posted missing on 13 April 1918.

Yves Cataroche, in memory of Yves, Jack and Fred Cataroche, his father Yves who served in 6th Royal Irish and RGLI with his brothers.

Dr Margaret Ogier, in memory of Theodore Henry Ricks, their relative who was wounded near Cambrai with shrapnel to the lung, but returned to live to the age of 85.

Amanda Ricks, in memory of the above.

Samantha and Emily Ricks, in memory of the above.

Julie Pagnier, in memory of the above.

Brian Le Noury, in memory of Private 679 Peter Sarre, his grandfather.

Sally Guilmoto, in memory of John Hamon Gallienne, her grandfather, captured by the Germans after being in a ditch for several days and had both legs amputated. Returned and lived to age 84.

Dave and Jenny Blondel

Maureen Story-Jones, in memory of Gunner 89321 Alfred Bichard, her great-uncle who died on 17 April 1917 and is buried in Athies Cemetery, Pas de Calais.

J. H. Leale, in memory of Gunner 192316 John Harold Leale, his grandfather who died on 7 August 1917 and is buried at St Sever Cemetery, Rouen.

V. T. Richer, in memory of Paul Richer, his father who fought at Les Rues Vertes and was wounded with shrapnel to his skull.

Ken and Yvonne Mauger, in memory of Charles Herbert Moon, a grandfather who died at Les Rues Vertes on 2 December 1917 and is buried at Peronne Cemetery.

S. A. and L. F. Laine, in memory of Private Nic Mahy, grandfather.

Tom Brouard, in memory of Alfred Brouard, who lived at Le Bigard Farm which he renamed Cambrai. 'A lovely man.'

J. A. C. A. Gillett

Family Selvidge, in memory of Private 786 Albert John Despointes, who was posted missing in action on 1 December 1917 and is remembered on the Louverval Memorial.

Angela Bartie, in memory of John Bourgaize, an uncle who was killed in action in 1917 and from whom her brother is named.




Terry Coule, in memory of Percival and Cyril Le Lievre. Cyril was killed on the Somme and Percy was captured at the River Lys.

H. E. and C. P. Paul

N. Ciotti

E. W. and A. M. Bartie, in memory of John Bourgaize.


L. Grange

P. Mansell

S. A. and M. J. Marsh

Mike and Christine Vaudin

P. and L. Lawrence

Peter Le Galloudec, in memory of Lance Corporal 559 Ernest Le Galloudec, his great-uncle, who was killed in 1917 while serving with the RGLI.

Geoffrey and Susan Fisher

Janson Bewey, in memory of Private 1301 Albert Bewey, his grandfather.

Trevor Mahy, in memory of Private 1260 Frederick James Mahy, his grandfather who lost both legs at Les Rues Vertes on 30 November 1917 and who returned to Guernsey.

David and Sharon Le Galloudec, in memory of L-Cpl 559 Ernest Peter Le Galloudec, a great-uncle who was killed in action in 1917.

L. Ingrouille and J. Hearse, in memory of Herbert and his brother John William (Jack) Mahy, together with their two brothers-in-law, who despite illness and injury all survived. Jack later died at the bombing of the White Rock in 1940.

Chris and Kay Lowe

Rev. E. Richer, in memory of his father Private Richer, who was seriously wounded at Cambrai.

George Farnham, in memory of his grandfather George Randal Farnham, who fought at Cambrai and was taken prisoner.

Lovell Ozanne, Lest We Forget, from a dress down day held by office staff at Lovell Ozanne Ltd.

Margot Castle, from Australia.

L. and J. H. Dorey, in memory of Private 646 John H. Dorey, reported missing 13 April 1918 at Doulieu, Battle of Lys (68 RGLI men killed in action that day). Later found and invalided to England, wounded, on 17 April 1918.



Richard and Janet James, in memory of Private 403 Peter Cauvain, a great-great-grandfather, A Company, Royal Guernsey Light Infantry, who succumbed to his wounds suffered on 1 December 1917 at Les Rues Vertes.

Betty Lowe, in memory of her father Henry Le Gallez.

Mary Sims, in memory of her uncle, Bertram Charles Sims and his cousin, Arthur Sims.

George Allez, in memory of his father Private 645 W. G. Allez, who served in C Company RGLI.

Ivan and Christine Babbe, in memory of Ivan's great-uncles, Yves Marie Corniec and Maudez-Louis Francois Corniec. Yves died in April 1915 at the battle of Eparges and Maudez, who died in April 1918 at Beaumont (Meuse).

J. S. and C. Bradley

R. G. Hart

Bryan Mauger, in memory of his cousin Lance Corporal 217 Robert James Curtin, who died on 31 March 1918, and his uncle, Corporal 242 Michael James Curtin, who died on 13 April 1918. Also in memory of his cousins Joseph Patrick Daley (2304500) 109 Reg, CEF and John Curtis Curtin (109290) CEF.

Janet Skillett and Jean Taylor, in memory of their grandfather George Le Sauvage, who died on 1 December 1917 and also their great-uncle Ernest Le Sauvage, who died in April 1916.

Ron Quesnel, in memory of his father Private 292 Alfred Quesnel, taken prisoner at Sailly sur la Lys on 13 April 1918.

Margaret Brehaut, in memory of her father Private 127 Albert William Guille, who was wounded at Masnieres on 1 December 1917.

Families Tostevin and Place, in memory of their uncle Corporal 797 Fred Mollet, who survived a POW camp but died in hospital on his way home and is buried in Berlin SW Cemetery. Also in memory of grandfather Private 1609 John (Jack) Mollet, who fought at Cambrai and survived a gas attack to return home.

Gwen Martel

Terry McClean, in memory of his grandfather Pinooer T. H. Kimber, who died on 20 November 1918 and is buried in the communal cemetery at Kortrijk, St Jan, Belgium.

Nancy Ogier, in memory of George Rose, killed at Cambrai and Harry Smith who also fought at Cambrai and survived the war.


Michael and Diane Ward

Joan Le Fevre, in memory of her uncle John Bourgaize, who was killed at the Battle of Cambrai and to the remembrance as they never met.

Paul Tinsley

George Riley, to remember the men of Guernsey through part of Rupert Brooke's poem The Soldier. 'If I should die think only this of me, that there is some corner of a foreign field forever Guernsey. There shall be in that rick earth, a richer dust concealed . . .'

Pete Humphry and Yvonne Wilkinson, in memory of their grandfather, Private 255 Frank Humphry who was gassed and suffered injury for the rest of his life, and also their great-uncle Lance Corporate 171 Frederick C. Russell, who died of wounds received at Les Rues Vertes.

Colin and Linda Laine, in memory of a grandfather, Private 29 William Dienys, who was wounded at Cambrai and also his brother Private 193 Francis Dienys, who was killed in action at Cambrai on 20 November 1917, aged 21.

Michael and David de la Mare, in memory of their grandfather, Private 1536 Walter James Falla, who served with the 1st Battalion and was killed at Cambrai on 1 December 1917.

Ann Newton, in memory of her uncle, Clifford Duncan Pattimore, who was killed at the Somme on 3 September 1916.

Marion Gethin-Jones, in memory of her great-uncle, Frederick C. Russell, who died of his wounds in November 1917 and is buried at Bau Guillaume Cemetery.

Frances O'Sullivan and Isobel Davidson, in memory of their father, Lt Frank de M. Laine, who died of his wounds, and also their uncle, 2nd Lt T. de J. Laine of the Royal Irish and the RGLI, who was killed and whose grave remains unknown.

David and Anna De Lisle. 'Guernsey has every reason to feel the greatest pride in her sons, they fought magnificently'. General Sir Beauvoir de Lisle, commanding officer, 29th Division in his message to the Bailiff.

Rosie Bradshaw, in memory of her grandfather, Captain J. H. Falla, who was injured with the Royal Irish and again with the RGLI but survived and returned to Guernsey.

John and Carolyn Wild

Nance Ulrich, Susan Guilbert, Judith Priaulx and Patricia Le Tissier, in memory of their grandfather, Private Clarence Martin, who was seriously wounded at Cambrai.

D. Skillett


Grandchildren, in memory of Gunner 19223 Albert C. B. Rowswell of the Royal Garrison Artillery who returned home and died January 1920 aged 33.

M. Tostevin and L. Allen, in memory of their grandfather, Private 883 Stanley P. Alexander, who was at Passchendale and Cambrai and returned home.

Brenda Ashplant and Peggy Brackley, in memory of their father, Wilfred John Gallienne.

Paul Dorey, in memory of his grandfather, Lieutenant Edward Arthur Dorey, who was mentioned in dispatches having fought at Cambrai, Les Rues Vertes and the Battle of Lys.

Mavis Brehaut

P. Hunter, in memory of Henry W. Le Gallez.

Anne Blanchford and David Le Moignan, in memory of his grandfather, Private 373 Ivor Thomas Boalch, who was killed in action on 1 December 1917, aged 21.

John H. Lacey, in memory of his uncle, Ernest Lacey, who was killed on 1 December 1917, aged 20 years.

Sue Simmonds, in memory of the Ingrouille brothers: Edwin, Alfred, Harry, Jack and Ernest.

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