Distinguishing Sark's priorities post-Brexit

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SARK has set out how its priorities over Brexit differ from the rest of the Bailiwick and Jersey.

Chief Pleas will be asked to note that Article 50 has been triggered, starting the UK's formal negotiations to leave the EU, and recognise the impact that will have on the Bailiwick's domestic legislation at its next meeting.

The UK has also published a bill which will effectively convert relevant existing EU law into domestic law, where appropriate.

A report to Chief Pleas says that the Bailiwick is considering whether a similar exercise is needed with regards to the European Communities (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law 1973 and the European Communities (Implementation) (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 1994.

'Various EU measures apply and have been implemented using this legislation, this includes inter alia matters relating to customs, EU international sanctions and food supplements.

'There are also other areas of law and agreements which make reference to certain EU directives and regulations and there is likely to be a need to identify these and to consider whether relevant EU references should continue to apply, be amended or be replaced. Broadly speaking, if all references to EU legislation were simply removed it would lead to uncertainty and create gaps in the Statute Book. It is more practical to preserve extant relevant EU measures at first and then look to address them, where desirable, over time.'

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