GSPCA hopeful of returning runaway Rufus to his owner

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TRAPS could be set to capture Rufus the cockapoo, who has now been missing for a week, the GSPCA has said.

Rufus, a seven-year-old cockapoo, has been spotted a number of times since escaping from Top Dog Grooming’s pet-boarding facility on Wednesday.

Steve Byrne, manager of the GSPCA, said he was hopeful the dog would be found and back home soon.

‘We’re working with the owners and we are hoping to put a dog trap in place to help speed it up,’ he said.

Rufus escaped on Wednesday from a pet-boarding facility, Top Dog Grooming, and has been seen a number of times since.

The seven-year-old is a nervous dog and can be afraid of people he does not know and as such his owner, Matt McKenna, and the GSPCA are warning people not to call out or approach him but instead to call the charity or Mr McKenna directly.

If you see Rufus, call Mr McKenna on 07781 411291 or the GSPCA on 257261.

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