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Blue Islands – ‘Waves is operating illegally’

AIRLINE Waves is operating illegally, its rival Blue Islands will argue in court.

(Picture by Chris George)

Blue Islands has begun legal proceedings against the States regulatory body, the Transport Licensing Authority, naming the other airline as an interested party, because it believes that Waves should have a local air transport licence to fly passengers.

Waves has marketed itself as an air taxi, something which is exempt from needing this type of licence under the law, re-iterating that it was an ‘on-demand service with flight times requested and booked by the individual traveller’ when approached for comment by the Guernsey Press on the issue last month.

In its court action, Blue Islands says Waves is not an air taxi because it sells individual seats to customers; it has been marketing seats for sale on flights that have no passengers booked on them; and the destination, always either Guernsey or Jersey, is specified by the airline, not the customer.

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