States given sliding scale for balancing waste charges

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BLACK BAG TAGS would cost around £4.30 each without any fixed annual waste charge, compared to £2.50 with a high fixed charge of £116, figures in a new amendment show.

Deputy Lindsay de Sausmarez. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 20135315)

A range of different ways to charge households for waste will be available for deputies to vote on following its submission.

Proposed and seconded by deputies Lindsay De Sausmarez and Sarah Hansmann Rouxel respectively, it puts forward four different systems that span from no fixed charge and a high cost for black bag tags to a high fixed charge and cheap bag tags.

Its aim is to see debate over the appropriate balance between the fixed rate and the charge per bag, plus give clear guidance of how the charges should be set in the ordinance.

The current proposals would see households paying for tags to go on their bin bags plus two fixed charges – one to the States and one to the parish for collection.

Some deputies have argued the system could be an opportunity to encourage islanders to produce less waste and also be able to ‘pay as you throw’.

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