Aurigny set to change its musical instrument policy

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CHANGES are being made to Aurigny’s musical instrument policy, following concern from the local music community that instruments could get damaged.

Renowned harpist Dr Andrew Lawrence-King was one of the musicians at the meeting with Aurigny management. (Picture by Steve Sarre, 20403901)

The airline previously had special arrangements with a small number of musicians to allow them to collect the instruments directly from the hold – on the tarmac – but that is no longer permitted due to customs and security restrictions.

Now changes are being proposed, but the airline will not be releasing them until the information is confirmed to avoid causing confusion.

Earlier this week, Aurigny met with world-renowned harpist Andrew Lawrence-King, Richard de la Rue and Music Service head Mervyn Grand to discuss the new policy and see what adjustments could be made.

Professor Lawrence-King said that it had been a constructive and productive meeting.

Aurigny CEO Mark Darby said they were pleased to have the opportunity to discuss the carriage of musical instruments with key representatives from the island’s music community.

‘Hopefully we have been able to show that as a community airline, we value musicians and the contribution they make to the community, and we will do everything we can to look after them the best we can.

‘As anyone would expect, there are rules and regulations we cannot ignore as a responsible operator, but we will look at practical ways that we can support our customers and make their travel as hassle-free as possible. We have taken on board some suggestions that have been made at this meeting and will look at some changes that should make it easier for some musicians.’

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