States backs 11-18 school model

States deputies have approved the alternative 11-18 school model by 26 votes to 13.

Deputies Rhian Tooley, Richard Graham, Matt Fallaize and Mark Dorey.
Deputies Rhian Tooley, Richard Graham, Matt Fallaize and Mark Dorey.

At the end of a three-day debate that ultimately came down to the 'ambition and educational focus' of the 11-18 approach and the 'inadequacy' of Education's post-16 arrangements, State members voted comprehensively in favour of the 'one school over two sites' plan.

The four deputies - Matt Fallaize, Richard Graham, Rhian Tooley and Mark Dorey - behind it expressed their delight afterwards, however they warned that the amended proposals still need to be approved in full.

Education is set to lay a new amendment this afternoon, which will propose two 11-16 schools and one 11-18 school, in a last gasp bid to wrestle back control of the secondary and post-16 transformation programme.

Calls have already been made in the Assembly for the committee to step aside.

Alternative model voting:

For: Graham, Green, Dorey, Yerby, Langlois, Soulsby, de Sausmarez, Roffey, Oliver, Jean, McKinley, Mooney, Ferbrache, Kuttelwascher, Tindall, Brehaut, Tooley, Trott, Parkinson, Le Clerc, Merrett, St Pier, Stephens, Fallaize, Smithies and Hansmann Rouxel - 26 votes

Against: Paint, Brouard, Dudley-Owen, Prow, Gollop, Lester Queripel, Leadbeater, De Lisle, Le Pelley, Meerveld, Inder, Lowe, Laurie Queripel - 13 votes

Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq was absent from the vote.

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