French TV crew suffer mal de mer filming life in the islands

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A FRENCH film crew seeking a true experience of Channel Island life ended up getting seasick and stuck for four days because of bad weather.

Regis Croizer, left, and Amelie Amilhau had a torrid time on the boat in rough seas.

The islands have featured in Thalassa – one of France’s longest-running television programmes.

The show, first broadcast in 1975, focuses on the sea and maritime life and is aired across the country once a month.

But filming didn’t entirely go as planned when the crew began working on an episode featuring the Mont Saint-Michel monastery in Normandy, Chausey and the Channel Islands.

Dave Nuth, owner of Iris Freight CI, which ships national newspapers to Guernsey from Jersey seven days a week on the Channel Chieftain V, said that the film crew did not fare well on the choppy seas.

‘They phoned up and asked if they could get an insight into how we deliver the newspapers to Guernsey. They came down to the dock to film us load them at about 3am,’ he said.

‘Unfortunately, they were not very good sailors. I do not think they were used to being on boats at night and had a bit of mal de mer [sea sickness].’

Mr Nuth added that the film crew had endured very mixed weather during their visit and ended up staying in Jersey longer than planned.

‘They got some really good footage. They hired a Rib and used a drone to get some shots of us going along in the boat.

‘Unfortunately, the weather turned while they were over and they ended up getting stuck here for four days,’ he added.

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