‘Save money and help the planet with real nappies’

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PARENTS can save money as well as help the environment if they use real nappies, those behind an island support group have said.

Twelve-week old Lili Smith wearing a real nappy. (Picture by Steve Sarre, 20621004

The Guernsey Real Nappy Network was speaking after the States’ Trading and Supervisory Board said parents of young children should look at using real nappies to help when the new fortnightly waste collection arrangements come into force.

The network offers free trial kits to parents wanting to give cloth nappies a go.

Volunteer Anna Saunders said today’s real nappies were a world away from the terry towelling and safety pins from decades ago.

‘Some parents are grossed out and they don’t want poo near their washing machine and so this is not going to work for them,’ she said.

‘But for me, I wanted to save on the amount of nappies I was throwing into landfill and also it was about saving money.

‘It probably costs around £250 to buy a full real nappy kit for three years, whereas disposable it is about £500 a year.

‘The States will also give you a £35 voucher for the cost of buying real nappies.’

She said offering the free kits meant parents did not have to go to the expense of getting new ones before knowing what it was like.


They offer a newborn kit and a kit for older babies.

‘We do two trial kits and parents can use them for two weeks free of charge.

‘They can test them and if they like them they know what to buy and if they don’t, they give them back.’

Some parents have questioned how practical using real nappies is when they are busy and at work.


However, Mrs Saunders said they were quicker and easier to use than everyone thought.

Her friend, who works full-time, has used them and has not had any problems.

The nappies come in different fabrics and slightly different styles.

The ones for larger babies have multiple popper fixings so grow with the baby.

‘We’re here to support people,’ added Mrs Saunders.

‘Even if they use just a couple of disposable nappies a day then that is less going into the bin.’

New mum Ela Ostrowska has been using real nappies for her 12-week-old baby Lili. She found out about the network through a workshop.

After getting a kit, she realised it was not difficult.

‘We found it very easy,’ she said.

‘I was always told there is a choice between what is easy and what is right, but with these they are both right and easy.’


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