Gollop more of an ‘independent affiliate’ member of Charter 2018

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IT IS time for independently-minded States members to work together as a team, the latest deputy to affiliate himself with the Charter 2018 group has said.

Deputy John Gollop considers himself to be more of an ‘independent affiliate’ than a full member of Charter 2018. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 20910718)

John Gollop said that while he did not know much about Charter 2018 before it was launched, and so was not involved at that time, he suspected something might happen in the wake of the States’ debate on the future of secondary education.

The group was launched last month by 11 members, with others joining since as either named members or ‘affiliates’, some of whom have not revealed their identities.

‘I am attracted to work together and belong maybe more as an independent “affiliate”, in the words of Jan Kuttelwascher,’ said Deputy Gollop.

He pointed out that he had served in past Assemblies with some of the group, while he had sat on various boards with others.

‘I think the time has come for independently-minded States members to work together more as a team, with constructive opposition, scrutiny, consensus politics by coalition and new ideas for leadership and action to benefit Guernsey,’ he said. ‘There is strength in numbers.’

He wanted to be part of a more politically-focused Assembly whose top priority was ‘strengthening the economic development framework and generating new business and wealth for all within a sustainable environment’.

While some have spoken of a divide within the States based around personalities, Deputy Gollop said he had no such issues. ‘I have no personal agenda against Deputy St Pier or any other member, male or female.’

He felt he was broadening the group since he was not ‘consistently always right wing’.


‘I suppose you could call me slightly to the left of the perceived norm of Charter membership,’ he said, ‘but equally I might be to the right of some aspects of the more progressive States members’ leaning. I favour free enterprise, and libertarian ideas, for example.

‘I support the idea of a friendly alliance developing policy and leadership without the need for expensive consultants or excessive civil service input or bureaucratic interference.

‘It makes us closer to real trends and the people.’

n Since the formation of Charter 2018 was announced, three of its members have announced a separate political association.

At a meeting in the Harry Bound Room at Les Cotils at 7.30 tonight, to which anyone is invited, deputies Carl Meerveld, Peter Ferbrache and Joe Mooney will give more details on their idea.

Mark Ogier

By Mark Ogier
News reporter


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