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TWO primary schools have been praised for the equal opportunities offered to pupils and outstanding leadership in recent inspections.

Le Rondin Primary School and neighbouring Forest have received positive inspection reports. (Picture by Steve Sarre, 20955949)

Le Rondin and Forest were inspected by Education Scotland earlier this month and received ‘very good’ and ‘good’ gradings across the board.

A six-point marking system is used from ‘excellent’ to ‘unsatisfactory’, meaning the schools received the grades at the higher end of the scale.

Head teacher of both schools, Paula Sullivan, received particular praise, along with her senior staff, for their leadership and commitment.

Mrs Sullivan said staff were pleased with the report, but wanted to keep working on improvements.

‘The numerous strengths and successes of both schools are evident throughout the inspection reports.

‘However, we are not complacent. We want to continue improving and striving to give all our pupils every opportunity to be as successful as they can be,’ she said.

Education, Sport & Culture president Deputy Matt Fallaize congratulated staff on their efforts and said he understood both schools would continue to work on maintaining a high standard.

‘Of particular note, I think, is the praise for the leadership of both schools and the recognition of their excellent cultures, and how this directly influences the educational outcomes for students.


‘I know that staff and pupils throughout both schools will remain motivated to achieve even greater success in the years to come,’ he said.

Forest Primary was praised for having happy and articulate children. The staff’s contributions to develop the curriculum were also highlighted as a strength.

However, staff were advised to carry on sharing best practice in learning, teaching and assessment, as well as developing children’s ability to know themselves were considered areas that could do with some improvement.

The report for Le Rondin said staff needed to continue developing the curriculum and assessment approaches in collaboration with other island schools.


Staff were also suggested to continue developing the use of ‘My education plan’ to see specific barriers to learning and help show progress over time.

The school was praised for its warm and welcoming ethos as well as the children’s progress in literacy and maths to name a few strengths listed.

n Full details of the reports can be found on the States’ website

Augusta Oliver

By Augusta Oliver


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