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ALDERNEY rep Louis Jean has become the sixth States member to join the Islanders Association.

Alderney rep Louis Jean has become the sixth States member to join the Islanders Association.

He has linked up with founding deputies Peter Ferbrache, Carl Meerveld and Joe Mooney, and Barry Paint and John Gollop who signed up subsequently.

Mr Jean said the Islanders Association represented a chance to reach back into the public of Guernsey and Alderney.

‘They are intending to hold a public meeting here [in Alderney] and invite people to join,’ he said.

‘I see them reaching back towards the roots of what really counts. They’re looking to sample opinion from the public, they’re looking to gain in idea and strength and go back towards, in many ways, what Guernsey desperately wants from government which is to achieve some of the things so important to business and to people in their day-to-day living. Part of what appears to be lost in government, and that applies to here [Alderney] as well, is that government seems interested so much in legislation and not the fundamental workings of the clock that would actually benefit the businesses and the people who live day-to-day, and who pay taxes to the government.

‘They see their money in so many ways – though some of it can be justified – being spent frivolously on schemes or ideas that various members want and that the public aren’t in tune with at all. It’s about galvanising action from the public, sampling opinion, and standing back to the base where we came from which after all was the public.’

Mr Jean was speaking on BBC Guernsey’s phone in.

Nigel Baudains

By Nigel Baudains
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