Eyesore terrace in Vale Avenue is finally reduced to rubble

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VALE deputy Matt Fallaize had wondered if he would ever see the eyesore houses cleared from Guernsey Electricity’s land at Vale Avenue, but yesterday the terrace was finally reduced to rubble.

Vale deputy Matt Fallaize and behind him what remains on a terrace of derelict houses on Guernsey Electricity land just off the Bridge. After a decade of trying to get planning permission, a compromise was reached which allowed the diggers to move in. (Picture by Steve Sarre, 21463734)

The demolition followed a decade of failed attempts by GE to get planning permission.

Deputy Fallaize said he was pleased to see the site moving forward.

‘They’ve been a terrible eyesore for years, and it has been going nowhere for a long time,’ he said.

‘For a while I thought this may never happen, but there has been compromise now on both sides.

‘If planning permission had been rejected this time, we may have had to take it to the States, which neither side wanted.

‘I would think it is quite a good day for residents around here. It will make a positive difference to the area.

‘It is important they now clear the site and keep it maintained.

‘And it seems that Guernsey Electricity may have some desire to create use for the community on the site, although I think its highly unlikely the site will ever be used for housing again.’


People living nearby and shops workers agreed with Deputy Fallaize, saying they were pleased to see the site advancing, although they had differing opinions on what it should be used for now.

Vale Avenue resident Steve Martel would like this opportunity taken to widen the road.

‘Lorries and buses going through here is just a nightmare,’ he said. ‘I’d like to see them add width to the road.’

Bordeaux resident, Dave Wadley, said he was disappointed to see the houses demolished in the first place.


‘I would have liked them to have done the houses up first, instead of Guernsey Electricity letting them go to rack and ruin,’ he said.

‘But they had their problems with planning and probably hoped that eventually someone would let them knock them down.

‘So in their current state it’s probably a good thing.

‘More houses built there would be good, it’s hard to get on the housing market, so maybe something for first-time buyers.

‘If not a car park to bring more life to The Bridge.’

Volunteers at the Health Information Charity Shop, next door to the site, would like GE to make the most of the area if it is going to be left unused.

‘We’ve been told the site will have boards up now, which in itself won’t be nice,’ one said.

‘Maybe it’s time to think outside of the box. Why can’t they approach art students and ask them to do something with the boards, surely it would be great public relations?

‘But it’s just nice to see them gone.’


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