Howie gets a lift from good wishes of island as he recovers from fall

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A GANDEYS CIRCUS performer who fell on opening night is still recovering, but enjoying the good wishes of residents.

Haurigui Navas, second left, with the other members of The Gerlings, left to right, Daniel Rodriguez, Vhali Eremia and George Martinez. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 21481656)

Colombian Haurigui Navas, affectionately known as Howie by his circus family, fell 16ft from the double giant space wheel, but escaped serious injury.

The enthusiastic 23-year-old Columbian was happy not to have broken any bones and has been hobbling around on crutches and enjoying the attention of all the circus performers. Eager to get back in the ring, Howie said he was missing performing, but grateful for all the good wishes.

‘I am sad not to be working my act with my friends,’ he said.

‘But the love and messages of support I have been sent from the people of the Channel Islands is the best medicine I could ask for.’

He has been unable to return because his bruising was slightly more severe than the circus had thought. But Howie has been introduced to the audience at the end of each show to keep him happy and reassure islanders.

‘Being able to come into the ring and take my applause at the end of the show is lifting my spirits and I cannot wait to be working again,’ he said.

Binky Beaumont, from the circus, said the concern Howie has received from islanders was something the performer will always remember.

‘Howie is a much-valued member of the show and it is important he rests to ensure a full recovery before he returns to the ring,’ said Mr Beaumont. ‘He really was quite emotional and touched by the warm wishes and attention he has received and has said it is something he will never forget. As a young circus performer at the start of his career, he will remember the Channel Islands and the wonderful residents here forever.’

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