Dame of Sark’s invalid carriage to be auctioned

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AN AUCTION is to be held next week featuring an invalid carriage previously owned by the Dame of Sark and a collection of sculptures and other Channel Island-related items.

‘Some really iconic Channel Islands items are for sale in this auction,’ said manager of the auction rooms Jason Yendell.

The Dame of Sark’s invalid carriage is anticipated to be sold for around £1,000.

The vintage tricycle is the original invalid carriage first used by the Dame of Sark, Sibyl Hathaway. It was later owned by Tom Brouard, who was regularly seen driving it at events such as the West Show and Liberation Day.

‘Vintage Guernsey AA badges are also on the side of the carriage, which are rather special,’ said Mr Yendell.

Martel Maides’ upcoming auction will also see the sale of Leslie Harradine’s clay sculptures and figural designs, as well as some paintings and creations by his wife, Molly McCann.

Leslie Harradine was one of Royal Doulton’s pre-eminent figural artists and designers.

He emigrated to Canada in 1912 but returned to Europe to serve in the First World War, when his freelance work enabled him to create famous figurines such as Polly Peachum, The Balloon Seller and the Dickens series.

In 1954, Mr Harradine met and married textile designer Molly McCann and they moved to Sark, where he continued to do freelance sculptures and she began to paint and sell her work through various exhibitions.


‘A lot of [Molly McCann’s] work is Sark-specific, including horses and carts, Sark weddings, the Sark harbour and island life,’ said Jason Yendell. ‘There is also the Spanish influence in her work from the time she spent in Malaga.’

This includes Spanish weddings, sunbathing and Spanish markets.

When Mr Harradine died in Spain in 1965, Mrs McCann continued to live in Sark, renting the Sark Windmill in 1969, which she turned into a gift shop and exhibition space.

Mrs McCann died in 2005 but the studio has remained largely untouched and has been maintained by her daughter-in-law, Cecilie Koenig, as a memorial to the creativity inspired by their lives in Sark and Spain.*


Another significant item for sale is a rare consecutive run of five £1 bank notes dated 1918 which are earmarked to be sold for around £9,000-10,000.

Hand-signed pop memorabilia is also for sale, such as autographs from when the Beatles performed in Candie Gardens, at the auction, which takes on Thursday 13 September.

*This article has been amended. It originally said that Molly McCann died in 1965. The Guernsey Press apologises for the error.


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