Sark campsite email hack may mean money stolen

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A SARK campsite’s email account has been hacked and there are fears that people who have recently made bookings might have lost hundreds of pounds.

Rectory Hill Skillet Lickers at the 2016 Sark Folk Festival. Those who attend this event often book at the Pomme de Chien campsite.

The issue came to light after a customer noticed the payment details on the email from Pomme de Chien campsite were wrong and contacted the owner, Jill Rang.

She said she had noticed she was not getting as many emails as usual.

‘They’ve hacked my emails, and are changing my bank details,’ she said.

‘People should call me to see if I have received their money.’

Not all payments have been affected.

It is a busy time of year for bookings at the site, as people try to book for next year’s Sark Folk Festival.

Guernsey Police said they believed the email on the website had been hacked, the emails intercepted and then the wrong payment details provided.

The force said at least one person had lost hundreds of pounds and it would be extremely difficult to recoup that money.


The correct details are for a HSBC account.

Financial crime investigator Paul Winberg said: ‘People who think they have been affected should change their email password.

‘We have had three reports of this today, and encourage anyone who believes they have been affected to contact ActionFraud, Unfortunately, it will be extremely difficult to get that money back.’

People who have recently made a booking should call the campsite on 07781 403355 to confirm the money has gone to the right account.

Juliet Pouteaux

By Juliet Pouteaux
News reporter


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