2018 was fifth year in row of being warmer than average

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GUERNSEY has recorded its fifth consecutive year of higher than average temperatures.

In 2018, the average figure was 12.1C, this is 0.6C higher than the 30-year average.

Temperatures in 2017 were also 0.6C higher, in 2016 it was up 0.3C, in 2015 0.5C and the record-breaking 2014 was 1C above average, at 12.4C.

The pattern mirrors global trends, where last year was the fourth warmest on record together with 2015, 2016 and 2017, with extreme weather events affecting Europe and the USA.

Late last year leading climate scientists warned that the world has 12 years to keep global warming to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels to decrease the risk of drought, floods and extreme heat.

Guernsey Met’s latest figures show that last year was the sixth warmest on record, with the top day of 28.1C recorded on 8 July.

It was also sunnier than normal, with a total of 2016 hours outstripping the 30-year average by 148 hours, although still more than 248 hours short of the record in 1959.

The last 12 months were also drier than normal, with 719.5mm of rain compared to an average of 839.1mm.

Guernsey experienced its warmest summer since 2006, the fourth equal recorded at the airport, but unusually did not record any temperatures above 30C.


June and July were very dry months with slightly more rain falling in August, overall making it the driest summer since 1989.

Guernsey Met’s figures for the end of the year show that December was the ninth consecutive month with below average rainfall.

A total of 96.8mm fell, compared to the 30-year average to 2010 for the month of 112.9mm.

The wettest December on record was in 1876 when 291.3mm fell, the driest in 1844 when just 20.3mm was recorded.


It was also milder and less sunny than average.

Guernsey Met recorded an average temperature of 9.5C, compared to 7.7C, and a total of 35.5 hours of sunshine, compared to 58.2 hours.

The warmest December was in 2015, at 11.6C, the coldest in 1890, at 2.9C.

The sunniest December was in 2001 when there was 108.9 hours, the dullest in 1895 with 18 hours.

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