PEH modernisation could cost £93.4m

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Up to £93.4m. will be invested in the Princess Elizabeth Hospital over the next decade, if the States agrees.

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The Hospital Modernisation Programme is proposed to start this year, split into three phases.

The Health & Social Care committee is currently seeking approval for the £44.3m. to be invested in the first phase of the work, which includes relocating the maternity unit and expanding critical care.

President Heidi Soulsby said ‘The PEH campus is very much the backbone of our health and care system and we need to ensure that it is fit for purpose to provide the future delivery of secondary health care services which all deserve.

‘As is well known, demand for our services is rising, this is an inescapable fact which must be addressed. However, the current infrastructure severely limits our ability to adjust to this continual year-on-year increase in demand. At the same time, the outdated facilities make it increasingly difficult to meet modern regulatory standards and adapt to new technology. That is why we are making these proposals to invest, modernise and refurbish the hospital now: investing in a few years will be too late.

‘This substantial upgrade of the hospital is central to delivering on our cornerstone programme, the Partnership of Purpose, which reimagines the entire way healthcare is delivered in the Bailiwick. Once completed, islanders will have a hospital which can enable top quality care to be delivered for decades to come as part of an integrated system of health and care.’

The total investment over 10 years is estimated to be between £72.3m to £93.4m, with separate States’ approval being required before the second and third phases can begin.

Policy & Resources supports the proposals.

Phase 1: 2019 – 2021


  • Women’s and Children’s project will redesign and relocate the maternity unit adjacent to the theatres, reducing risk by minimising the distance between the two and the current reliance on lift transport. The children’s ward will be co-located and redesigned to accommodate a modern special care baby unit and adolescent unit.
  • Critical Care Unit project will expand it to support the current and future demands. HSC say it will lead to a reduction in postponement of surgery.
  • MSG Location project will agree the future location of the Medical Specialist Group within the PEH campus. The new premises will be delivered within Phase 2.
  • Theatres Expansion and Refurbishment project will expand and refurbish the current theatre suite and co-locate the day patient theatres to increase efficiencies and standardisation of service. HSC says this will address increasing surgical demands with increased capacity and flexibility.


  • Transport and Parking project to reduce parking pressures for staff and service users. In 2019, a temporary car park will be built to increase the number of parking spaces with the longer term initiatives undertaken during Phase 2.
  • Refurbishment of Staff Changing Facilities project will help support those who want to walk, run or cycle to work.

Phase 2: 2022 – 2026

  • Surgical Orthopaedic project will establish a new surgical orthopaedic ward with increased capacity and flexibility to accommodate the increase in elective and trauma patients.
  • Day Patient project will establish a new day patient unit with increased capacity to support an expansion of day surgery procedures and a new admission and discharge facility, which will improve patient pathways and reduce demand on inpatient beds.
  • Private Ward project will re-locate and redesign a new private ward to support the demand from patients who already have private insurance but do not currently use their insurance for inpatient stay due to the current dated facility.
  • Equipment Library project will establish a new medical equipment library to maintain efficient stock control and maintenance of medical equipment to reduce the PEH’s overall procurement cost.

Phase 3 2027-2028

  • Emergency Department redesign project will increase the capacity of the current Emergency Department and provide overnight assessment facility to reduce unnecessary hospital admissions.
  • Pharmacy redesign project will extend the current pharmacy department to support refurbishment and future automation plans.
  • Pathology redesign project will extend the current Pathology Department to support future demands.
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