‘Wombler’ beach cleaners won’t have to pick up tab

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BEACHCOMBERS who collect large amounts of rubbish will be provided with bags to dispose of the waste through becoming a ‘Wombler’.

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New pay-as-you-throw waste disposal charges came into effect on Sunday 3 February, but there were concerns as to what would happen with the large amounts of non-recyclable rubbish regularly collected on beach cleans.

Volunteers remove rubbish from beaches in their own time, but often this waste ends up in their household black sacks due to either a lack of bins at beach locations or the bins being full.

Some were frustrated that they would be charged for their good work which benefits the island.

Guernsey Waste has created a system that they hope will resolve this issue.

Its operations manager, Sarah Robinson, said anyone who helped keep the island and its beaches clean was performing a valuable service which they want to support and encourage.

‘We are going to create a register of islanders who want to sign up to be a Wombler.

‘We would provide them with bags specifically for activities like beach cleaning, for any non-recyclable items that they pick up.

‘Once it is full they just leave it next to one of the coastal litter bins to be collected when the bins are emptied,’ she said.


Ms Robinson said they doubted anyone would want to abuse the system but in the event that they did, Guernsey Waste would be able to trace the bag back to the recipient.

‘They will also be transparent so we can see the contents and remove any items that should not go through normal processing at the transfer section.’

Ms Robinson said the scheme was more for those who collect a large amount of rubbish and not those who collect odd bits because these can just go in the litter bins.

Regarding items such as rope or fishing nets, which are not suitable for inclusion in black bag waste, Ms Robinson said they can be left beside coastal bins as well. If the finder then lets Land Management Services know by email that they have done so, it will be collected and disposed of appropriately.


‘That will save anyone having to haul wet items covered in seaweed or sand into their car,’ said Ms Robinson.

  • Beach cleaners wishing to be put on the Wombler list can now register their interest by emailing
  • To alert Land Management Service of materials left at coastal bins, email


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