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A SPANISH-BORN rescue dog living in Guernsey has been building up his own following on social media.

Eric arrived in Guernsey when he was four months old, with brother Enzio, sister Nala and mum Elzas.

They were rescued in Spain after heavily pregnant mum Elzas was abandoned.

On arrival in Guernsey on 22 January last year, Eric found his new home with Chris and Gaby Betley, who knew he was theirs as soon as Eric and Gaby met.

‘We just looked at each other and we knew he was mine,’ said Gaby.

Now living in Guernsey, Eric the rescue dog is Spanish born. He is pictured with owner Gaby Betley. (Picture by Steve Sarre, 24361186)

Gaby and Chris found Eric through Linda Martel and Paws Rescue Guernsey, which was in contact with Barry Caulfield, who cares for dogs in Spain.

Chris took a bit of persuading to take in a dog, especially as the couple already had a cat, Lulu.

‘When we finally had the dog, [Chris] had so much fun and has taken him for walks to so many places,’ Gaby said.


‘He took such lovely photographs that he started a Facebook page for Eric on how he came to Guernsey and what having a rescue dog is like.’

Eric keeps followers on the platform up to date with his life in Guernsey and particularly all the island locations he visits on his daily walks.

He has even been contacted by Harrington’s pet food to appear in its newsletter.

Gaby said she had been looking locally for a rescue dog for a long time but just kept missing out.


‘When I saw his picture he had the saddest eyes, even when he came over he had that look for a while,’ she said.

However in a new and loving home, Eric has come out of his shell and is even tolerated by the cat.

‘She used to be very timid but since we have had Eric and the day she realised she was bigger than him, she’s been more confident, even with other cats,’ said Gaby.

Eric is now 18 months old and a DNA test has found him to have a mixed ancestry including dachshund, miniature poodle and English cocker spaniel.

His mother was a chihuahua.

Gaby said often on dog walks other owners say their dogs are rescues, not just locally but from countries including Romania and Spain.

‘I think now more and more people are encouraged to take on a rescue rather than breeds.

‘You hear horror stories of people who breed dogs just for business and they are kept in such awful situations,’ she said.

Gaby added that they have sent photos of Eric and his life in Guernsey to Barry in Spain.

‘He said to me, “When I see these pictures, I know what I am doing is worthwhile”,’ said Gaby.

‘Rescue dogs, they’re dogs that need good homes,’ she said.

With a good home and a growing online fan base, Eric has certainly landed on his paws in Guernsey.

n To follow Eric, visit his Facebook page, I Am Eric.


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