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CLASSIC cars of all shapes and sizes will be on show at Saumarez Park this Sunday for the annual Classic Vehicle Show.

Among the owners will be Rod Bourgaize.

Some may call it a hobby, but for Mr Bourgaize classic vehicles are a real passion.

He has collected and restored around a dozen that date from circa 1939 to 1990. Mainly they were found abandoned in fields or barns.

‘Half my life is spent on these cars, I’m always very busy on them, but I love them,’ he said.

‘I’d hate to see good cars get dumped and wasted, and that’s why I pick them up and rebuild them – the Morris I found at the airport 25 years ago abandoned.’

The collection includes an Austin A40, a Morris Minor, a Citroen 2CV, a Singer Gazelle, and a Hillman Minx.

Part of the appeal seems to be the challenge.

‘It’s the history [I] suppose, and I like to get things going, all the modern cars look the same, and each of these have their own character.’


But these are not just cosseted garage stars.

‘Nearly everyday I take a different one out, I try to alternate it so they all get a run, it sometimes depends on the weather.’

In today’s motoring world of power steering, robot cars and mod cons, Mr Bourgaize is adamant he prefers the old cars.

‘I suppose I like them because I used to work with them when I was a nipper, and I grew up with them, I don’t like the modern cars at all.


‘These are so easy to drive, they’re a delight, the steering is good, you have to drive them differently compared to a modern car, I don’t go fast, even in France I only do about 50mph in the Morris or the Gazelle, that’s about the top speed of it.’

Sourcing parts for the old cars is not as much as a problem as the average person may anticipate.

‘I’ve ordered a part in the afternoon, and I’ve fitted it by dinner time the next day, but that’s not all of them, some of them you have to join a club.’

Mr Bourgaize loves his collection, but has stopped short at naming them.

‘They only get funny names when they are giving me hassle, but that doesn’t happen too often.’

Military vehicles, 60th anniversary Minis, racing cars, Jersey classics, and modified cars are all part of the line-up for this year’s event.

n The Classic Vehicle Show is on this Sunday at Saumarez Park from 11am until 5pm.

Parking in Home Farm is £5 per vehicle, access to the showground is free for all.

Helen Bowditch

By Helen Bowditch
News reporter

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