Deputy Lowe ‘fights for the people of Guernsey’

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A STAUNCH supporter of Deputy Mary Lowe has launched a vigorous defence of the politician who is under pressure to resign from Home Affairs.

Suzanne Pinchemain used to live in one of the homes next to the Vale power station that was eventually bought by Guernsey Electricity several years ago because of concerns about vibrations and noise leading to ill health.

Mrs Pinchemain said Deputy Lowe’s help at that time had a huge impact on the quality of life of the residents.

‘I was very, very ill because the vibrations were horrendous, so we rang Mrs Lowe and she came out within a day and she went all around the block speaking to everyone about it,’ said Mrs Pinchemain.

‘She worked so hard. She must have worked 24 hours a day during that three-year campaign, fighting in all the different departments for all of us.

‘Everyone had a different need and everyone got looked after in a way that acknowledged their different needs.

‘She got us out of there and we can’t thank her enough.’

The recent governance review into Home Affairs criticised the committee for creating a hostile environment with civil servants and for not providing any strategic direction. It criticised the committee’s president, Deputy Lowe, for harassing and bullying civil servants.

Mrs Pinchemain contacted the Guernsey Press because she was shocked to read about the report and wanted to set the record straight.


‘Mrs Lowe is kind, gentle, respectful, she wouldn’t say a bad word about anyone, she cares for her staff, but she’s a politician so she’s doing her job to challenge the civil servants.

‘All my neighbours and the ones down the Vale and the ones from St Martin’s and St Andrew’s say you can’t have a nicer politician.

‘I’ve had it at the Co-op in St Martin’s, I’ve had it at Alliance, everywhere I go people are supporting her.’

Mrs Pinchemain had her own theory about why the review was so critical of Deputy Lowe – she believed it was all down to next year’s island-wide voting.


‘They want her out because they’re afraid of her popularity when we have the island-wide vote.

‘Those top ones are scared of her because they know the public like her.

‘She’s too caring and she likes to do her job properly.’

The Policy & Resources Committee is expected to ask for a motion of no confidence to be taken in the Home Affairs committee.

Mrs Pinchemain had this message for the politicians deciding the fate of Deputy Lowe. ‘Think twice and think very carefully about who are the real bullies in this situation.

‘The public needs her to stand again next year because she cares about the people of Guernsey, she fights for the people of Guernsey.

‘She’s old-fashioned but that’s how it should be, Guernsey is an old-fashioned place.’

Helen Bowditch

By Helen Bowditch
News reporter

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