Guernsey Climate Strike due to take place on Friday

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A GUERNSEY climate strike will take place next Friday as action is launched around the world.

Protesters at the UK Student Climate Network's Global Climate Strike in London yesterday. Young climate strikers across the country are taking to the streets as part of a global protest to demand urgent action to tackle climate change. (Gareth Fuller/PA Wire)

Thousands of UK students took to the streets yesterday to protest alongside those globally on the climate crisis as part of the second global climate strike.

William Carter, who set up the Guernsey Climate Strike petition to hand to the island’s politicians, said he was impressed by the generation of youth that had brought about the strike.

‘I’ve been keeping an eye on what’s been happening across the world,’ he said.

‘It’s really amazing and inspiring to see this grass roots movement that the young people of today have created in order to bring about change.

‘We can all learn so much from them, the adult movement would not have happened without them caring about the planet they live on and what will happen to it in the future.’

Students from Aberdeen to York, and in over 150 countries, were encouraged to take part in spreading the word. Organisations such as the UK Student Climate Network mobilised students to send a message to politicians, employers and the world, to say they are tired of being ignored and that those in positions of power should be held accountable.

These students want action including effective policies such as a green new deal, which they say would cut carbon and at the same time reduce household bills, provide better quality housing, and deliver zero-carbon infrastructure and jobs.

A number of events are scheduled to run throughout the week, including a climate crisis education day on 24 September.


Mr Carter said: ‘These are peaceful demonstrations, we simply want people to take notice and, we’re not criticising, we just want more resources to be given to the cause. That’s why we’re holding our own strike next week.

‘For us, we want urgent, equitable action on Guernsey committing to a de-carbonisation target date of 2030, to bring forward the release of the Climate Change Action Plan of May 2020, as well as releasing further information about renewable energy targets.

‘But, I want to make it clear that people come of their own accord, we’re not suggesting anything unlawful, just a strike from what you would usually be doing, and whether you come in your spare time, on your lunch or while you’re off, the support is what we want to see in bringing this petition and what we want to the fore.’

Guernsey’s Climate Strike will take place on 27 September outside Frossard House between 9am and 5pm.

Danielle Kenneally

By Danielle Kenneally
News reporter

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