Parish calls for promised action against fly-tippers

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VALE constables are calling for the States and Law Enforcement to uphold assurances that they will pursue fly-tippers robustly.

Vale senior constable Richard Leale with what remains of the rubbish which was fly-tipped in a car park near Bordeaux. (Picture by Sophie Rabey, 26073171)

The comment follows the appearance on Sunday of an assortment of general household waste and building refuse in two one-tonne bags in the car park near Houmet Paradis, near Bordeaux.

They were spotted by a douzenier who quickly posted it on social media. The post now has nearly 80 comments and over 160 likes.

Since the social media post, the two bags have vanished, leaving behind just some household rubbish.

Senior constable Richard Leale said the parish was keen to see the problem tackled.

‘What disappoints us, aside from the rubbish itself and the time it takes to clear it up, is the fact that Law Enforcement don’t do anything about it. There is a reluctance to prosecute,’ he said.

‘When the waste strategy was introduced we said fly-tipping would increase and the States said they didn’t think it would but if it did then they would robustly pursue the people who dumped it. It is very rare that anyone is prosecuted for fly-tipping.’

Guernsey Waste operations manager Sarah Robinson said fortunately incidents like this one were relatively rare.

‘There is only a tiny minority in this community that would ever resort to such antisocial, criminal behaviour,’ she said.


‘Make no mistake though, any fly-tipping is completely unacceptable, and working with the police we will always do what we can to ensure the perpetrators are caught, prosecuted, and have to pay for the clear-up.’

There are still very few prosecution cases, despite there being evidence in some instances.

Mr Leale said there were multiple clues in the dumped rubbish as to where the rubbish came from, but not exactly who did it.

‘There is incriminating evidence of where it came from but not exactly who,’ he said.


‘There was a piece of paper with somebody’s name and address on and some electrical equipment with someone’s details on too.

‘Luckily, we don’t get too many instances of fly-tipping in this area but unfortunately this car park is quite isolated and not something we want to advertise.’

The Vale douzaine said it took all incidents of fly-tipping very seriously, not least because of the risk of copycat cases.

The Vale’s community police officer has been contacted and another douzenier has provided further and fuller information about the tipping directly to police.

Ms Robinson said clearly there was no link between the latest incident and the changes to household collections and charges in the past 12 months.

‘This is not the sort of materials that the parish waste collectors would be picking up, but we do provide facilities for their proper, lawful disposal,’ she said.

‘By choosing not to use them the individual responsible has probably saved themselves a few pounds, but at a cost to the taxpayer of much more than that to clear their mess. There is no excuse for such behaviour.

‘We can only stamp out this scourge if the community stands together and takes action,’ she said.

. If anyone has any information on this incident or any other fly-tipping, she urged them to get in touch with Guernsey Police on 725111 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

Anyone with information on this incident or any other fly-tipping can also contact Guernsey Waste on 231234.

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By Yves Le
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