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SCAMMERS are writing to residents trying to convince them they have special powers to solve their problems.

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Trading Standards has issued a warning about this and another scam trying to sell overpriced insurance for fridges or washing machines.

'Trading Standards has become aware of a number of letters sent to local residents from people calling themselves Christofero, Walter B Honurus, Laurella or Carmen although other names may be used as well,' a spokesman said.

'They try to convince you that you have a problem with bad luck or hardships in your life which they can solve using their spiritual powers, however they are actually fraudsters whose true goal is to take as much money from you as they can by selling charms, talismans or readings or by asking for money to perform rituals.

'The four people mentioned above do not exist and the letters are actually sent out by criminal organisations. Any money sent to them will go to these criminals and any promised rituals will not take place. You may receive small items such as charms, talismans or personalised booklets but these will not have any special powers and will be worth far less than the money you will have paid for them. The people behind these mailings do not believe in what they are claiming and their activities are purely based on extracting money from their victims rather than providing spiritual help.

'This warning is in no way intended to discourage anyone from interacting on their own terms with legitimate religious or spiritual advisers and organisations.'

The white goods insurance scam is attempted over the phone and has conned islanders out of thousands.

'The insurance is often overpriced and unsuitable and even if you try to make a valid claim you may not receive any money,' the spokesman said.

'Many of the callers are not licensed to sell insurance in either the UK or Guernsey and people who respond to them are likely to be contacted again, whether by the same company or by other companies, for further payments.


'These callers may be deliberately targeting elderly islanders and people who have previously been victims of scams.'

People should instead make direct enquiries with a range of licensed insurance companies.

'If you are offered insurance then you should take your time when making a decision to make sure that the company offering insurance is legitimate and that you are getting the policy that is right for your circumstances. If anyone pressures you into making an immediate decision then that is a clear indication that they may not be trading fairly.'

If you think you have been targeted by either of these scams then you can contact Trading Standards for advice on 234567. If you have lost money then contact police on 725111.

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By Nick Mann

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