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PABLO is home safe and well to a very happy owner in Cathy Cowie who can not thank islanders enough for their efforts in trying to capture the canny canine.

If there was ever an advert for man's best friend then the moment Mrs Cowie and Pablo were reunited would take all the plaudits.

Despite a search party of over 160 people, a humane trap filled with Pablo's favourite things set by the GSPCA and even one Fort George resident chasing him with a fresh croissant it was actually Pablo that sniffed out his mum.

'It was about 8pm on Tuesday night and me and my husband were up near the Belvedere Field like we have been for the past few nights doing surveillance. It had been raining for the past few nights so I had kept my window up but last night it wasn't so I think me having it down he may have smelled me. I was listening out for him and then it all went quiet between the fireworks, that's when I saw him just off away from the car.'

Mrs Cowie said her heart was racing, she slowly opened the door and called out 'Hello Mr Pablo' the family's call for the dog and after getting down on all fours it was wagging tails and hugs.

'I was so relieved to have him back and I cannot thank everyone enough for their help. Tina from Little Black Dog Rescue has been out there in the middle of the night and early morning checking the trap, the GSPCA who donated the trap and all the public too. There was even one lady who set up a base camp for the search on Sunday and was allotting areas - it was all so organised. I just can' thank everyone enough for their help.'


The Cowie's took on Pablo from Little Black Dog seven months ago after he was brought over from Spain.

'He is a mix breed with some Daschund, Basset and Springer and he's three years old,' continued Mrs Cowie, 'He is very mummy orientated and now you see him he is just catching up on rest. The vet said to me he would never be the type of dog to fetch a ball, a small walk and he would be fine, he's run miles and miles what a week it has been. I've had to invest in wellies, a torch, but it is so good to have him home again. We are going to buy a harness later on today he can't jump out of if he is spooked.'

Little Black Dog's Tina Pasquire said: 'It's a wonderful story and an amazing community effort that Joe Public can get out there and help out so much. Thanks must go to Jane, who's a lovely lady, she organised the Sunday search party and got everyone together. The way that Pablo found Cathy though is just so special - it broke my heart to think of that poor dog out there these past nights.'

Yves Le

By Yves Le
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