Just six of Condor’s day trips give five hours ashore

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ONLY 22 Guernsey to Jersey day trips will be available this summer, according to the Condor Ferries timetable.

Condor Liberation will be operating 22 days trips from Guernsey to Jersey this summer, but only six give more than five hours ashore. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 26835125)

And of the potential day trips available between May and August, only six provide more than five hours of leisure time in Jersey after the 40-minute check-in window for the return trip is taken into account.

The majority of the day trips yielded only four hours and 40 minutes on shore and only six days fell on the weekend or bank holidays.

Day trips that yielded fewer than four hours of leisure time on Jersey have not been included in the above figures.

In 2018, the States of Guernsey trialled a subsidised day trip service between Guernsey and Jersey, operated by Manche Iles Express.

But a series of technical breakdowns resulted in no sailings in July.

The service brought in a total of 333 passengers from Jersey in June and August that year, but was not renewed because it cost the States of Guernsey and Jersey more than £20,000 each.

When asked about the limited day trips available, an Economic Development spokesman said.

‘One of the States’ approved investment objectives for sea links is to maximise the opportunity for sea travel between the islands (Jersey and Alderney),’ he said.


‘It therefore remains the committee’s ambition to improve connectivity between Guernsey and Jersey. This brings benefits, not only for local residents, but also provides additional opportunities for tourist day trip visits to and from Guernsey.’

Referring to the Manche Iles Express trial, the spokesman said:

‘The take-up of these subsidised services was not sufficient to justify continuing the trial, although the exercise did result in an increased number of day trips between Guernsey and Jersey provided by Manche Iles Express. These continued into 2019.

‘At the same time some additional connectivity for day trips was provided by Condor Ferries. As opportunities arise, the committee will continue to work with operators to provide opportunities for a greater number of day trips.’

Condor was contacted for comment, but has not responded.


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