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STEPPING up to the plate is Rebecca Gallienne, who is running for 24 hours this weekend.

Rebecca Gallienne with fitness trainer Rik Sermon. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 26887573)

The ultramarathon starts at 8am on Saturday to raise money for Man Club at the mental health charity Mind.

Additionally, every hour Miss Gallienne will do 50 burpees.

‘We’re doing it all for Man Club, as we’ve lost a few gym members to suicide.

‘You can see the effect it’s had on everyone here,’ said Miss Gallienne.

‘I’ve been talking to Phil at Man Club to arrange mental health first aid in gyms. If I have a bad day I go to the gym, so it seems important to have someone there who’s qualified.’

The importance of improving mental health support networks was emphasised.

‘Doing something hard is the main aim. I wanted a challenge to show how people struggle.

‘It’s only 24 hours and I’ll get over it, but many people live in struggle constantly,’ she said.


Picture By Peter Frankland. 14-01-20 Rebecca Gallienne is going to do a 24hr run and 50 burpees an hour to raise funds for the Manclub, a mental health initiative.. (26887590)

‘I swim at the bathing pools with the Numb Nutters from Man Club. The community there hit me and inspired me. If we could expand that community that’d be amazing.’

Physical and mental training is required for this kind of feat.

‘For me, this will be the biggest challenge I’ve ever done. Weekly I run 45 to 50 miles. I’ve been doing 13-16 miles one day, then the next do boot camp and endurance training,’ she said.


‘I meditate to strengthen my mind, and having cold water exposure is great for that, as is being around people with the same mind-set.’

Miss Gallienne has always run and enjoys challenging herself.

‘She’s the most determined person I know, a strong character that stands out from the crowd, and I’ve been training people for 24 years,’ said senior trainer at My Fitness, Rik Sermon. ‘She ran at 1am the other day for five or six hours, and came to the gym straight after.’

While working full-time at Little Angels Nursery, the 27-year-old can be commended for her efforts to train.

‘All I can do is support her. We’re going to be sensible but she will keep going until the end,’ said Mr Sermon.

‘People have said she’s mad for doing this, but she knows what she’s doing. I used to work with young offenders and I always try to support the mental health of young lads.’

Rebecca Gallienne with fitness trainer Rik Sermon. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 26887573)

Criticism only encourages Miss Gallienne to train harder.

‘Saying I won’t make it only feeds my fire. People have said I won’t, then after seeing me train say they think I could go for 48 hours,’ she said, ‘the reason I’m running is really important to me and keeps me motivated, so I’m giving it a hundred percent.’

Appreciation goes out to all who have helped so far.

‘I am really grateful to have a good group of people around me, and to everyone who has supported me and Mind so far,’ said Miss Gallienne, ‘a big thank you to Paul Gosling, from Equilibrium, to MyFitness, and to everyone bringing raffle prizes and cakes.’

After the run finishes on Sunday morning Miss Gallienne plans to have a dip at the bathing pools.


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