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ANOTHER islander is being tested for the coronavirus Covid-19, bringing the total number of samples taken to 12.

Testing for the virus is undertaken by the public health services in Guernsey and sent off to a specialist lab in the UK.

On 17 February 11 Guernsey samples had been tested and all 11 had come back with negative results.

Now there is just one pending result for the island.

Director of public health Dr Nicola Brink had said that a lot of work had been done to ensure that the island would be prepared should there be a positive case in a Guernsey person.

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The government website,, is regularly updated with the latest coronavirus news relevant to the island.

The States has set up a website with information about what to do if you start to display symptoms and also travel information. (27245922)

When it comes to travel, the Public Health Services have been reminding islanders of the current advice for anyone who has returned from an area affected by the novel coronavirus.


Self-isolation is strongly advised for those returning from mainland China in the last 14, even if they have no symptoms.

'If you develop any symptoms such as fever, cough or shortness of breath you should phone your GP or the Emergency Department at the PEH, the infection prevention and control team or public health services - all available through the PEH switchboard on 725241.'

Those who have returned from an affected area in the last 14 days and have a fever, cough or shortness of breath should seek immediate medical advice and attention by contacting the same services as mentioned above.

Do not visit your GP or the hospital unannounced.


'If you are very unwell and need an ambulance, phone 999 and tell them your symptoms and travel history.'

Mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Republic of South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand are all included in the Public Health Services' definition of an affected area.

The Guernsey Public Health Services collates information from the World Health Organisation and Public Health England but also assesses the risks for Guernsey and its health infrastructure.

The advice takes into account a number of factors including the number of confirmed cases and how they were contracted.

Current advice with regard to affected areas has been in place since 7 February 2020. It was review this week and the advice remains the same.

Public Health Services added: 'We know that the Southeast Asian region poses a risk for travellers but at this stage we are unable to be more precise about which countries pose the greatest and lowest risks.

'This is because countries differ in ability to test for, and therefore, detect cases of the virus.

'As a result, the director of public health considers it prudent for anyone who has returned from travel in any area of Southeast Asia to be on guard for symptoms - even very mild symptoms; fever, cough or shortness of breath - and contact Public Health Services for advice if these develop in the 14 days after returning from travel.'

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