Commercial vehicle fleets could soon be running on ‘green diesel’

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A ‘GREEN DIESEL’ refined from 100% renewable sources will soon be available to commercial fleets in Guernsey after successful trials in Jersey.

There could be no more filling up from the black pump for Guernsey commercial vehicle owners and drivers when Rubis makes a 'green diesel' available. (27267027)

The clear and odourless RD100 – made from sunflowers, soybeans and waste fats such as used cooking oil – is said to generate up to 90% less in carbon emissions over its lifecycle than standard diesel.

Fuel distributor Rubis said that RD100 would be available for Guernsey businesses to buy in a matter of weeks, with the hope to roll it out to the public eventually.

Bertrand Dellinger, managing director of Rubis Channel Islands, said the fuel could make a difference today in terms of cutting carbon emissions.

‘We all recognise the need to reduce carbon emissions globally. Electric vehicles are of course one option but, for many, they are expensive, not in plentiful supply and may not be the best long-term solution, due to the environmental and financial cost of building, replacing and recycling the batteries. RD100 is a solution for the transition and can make a difference today.’

The company also said the fuel generated less pollution due to a significant reduction in smoke, particulates, nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide.

Environment & Infrastructure president Barry Brehaut said: ‘Second generation biofuels are part of the energy transition and move to decarbonisation. Our focus is on establishing an energy policy and climate change policy that sets a platform to support the transition to lower emissions energy supply, while also ensuring our energy market can continue to provide security of supply and affordable energy.

‘The committee will consider available options for either the bus fleet and/or States vehicles to transition to second generation biofuels as part of that transition.’

Zach Coffell

By Zach Coffell
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