Sark seeks to adjust virus restrictions to suit its needs

SARK is looking to adapt coronavirus restrictions to better meet the island’s needs and allow some people to get back to work.


It has set up a research group to help the Pandemic Emergency Committee, which liaises with bailiwick and UK authorities.

Alderney has also questioned the suitability of some of the restrictions enacted on a blanket bailiwick-wide basis.

There are no confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Sark, which has shut its borders.

‘A research group has now been set up to assist the PEC with their ongoing work to evaluate the short-, medium- and long-term implications of this unprecedented situation,’ the committee said.

‘This group will collect and collate data, which will be used by the PEC to further develop its sustainability plans for Sark and will look at all sectors of the community and economy.’

This group is made up of Paul Armorgie, Beth Owen, Fern Turner and Conseiller Simon Couldridge.

‘It is recognised that Sark is unique and our population has different work patterns and social interactions to the rest of the Bailiwick.

‘We continue to evaluate our situation and are working hard towards the first stage of adapting the current regulations to Sark’s specific circumstances.

‘We continue to formulate and submit further proposals to the Civil Contingencies Authority in Guernsey to try and get some residents back to work under low risk conditions.

‘We are using evidenced-based data to form the basis of our proposals; it is important that we do this and also reinforce the message that the measures that residents have been so successfully working to has greatly reduced the risk to Sark.’

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